No Words


1. No Words

No words

no freedom

no release.

I can imagine it – almost remember it,

how they used to flow;

tumbling, tripping and spilling from my lips.

Now they stay locked,

hidden on the tip of my tongue.

Like ice-cream they used to swirl,

in a never ending conundrum round my mind,

in obscene sequences and disharmonious streams

of riddled rhymes and nonsensical neurosis.

I want them.

I need them. If only I could grab them

and crack the coded chains that claim my creativity

and the barriers that masque the foggy depths of my imagination.

I know they’ll come back,

like an old friend they’ll never truly leave me.

But for now that’s not enough.

I’m impatient; I crave their indulgence.

I don’t want to stay word blocked forever.

Without them…

There’s no release

no freedom

no words.


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