Family Secrets

Amelia and her brothers and sister are four completely different people, but something always makes them stick together. Is it their ambition to follow their dreams no matter what? or is it something deeper?


1. Strange


Routine. That’s what happens when you start school again. Its not only the homework, tests and projects; there’s no more free time, everything is just back to the same old custom; you don’t get a chance to do something spontaneous one day there’s always this thing in the back of your head bugging you, there’s always something you’ve forgotten to do, wake up with a big gasp try to finish it as quickly as possible grab the first piece of edible food you can snatch from the fridge and take a bite or two before running out of the front door while fixing your tie. You start your activities again wether its dance or a sport or some kind of musical instrument and eventually your weekly activities Harry automatically become a routine…  




In a little town in Yorkshire, lives Amelia, once you meet her she seems like any normal girl next door, but what lies behind the four walls of her little yet cosy house isn’t what you call a classical family life, I remember my teenage years, quite long ago really it seems like its been a whole lifetime, but I remember how it felt like learning new stuff about people, realizing they are not who they really are. What Amelia doesn’t know is that soon, very soon she Harry find out secrets about her family she has never dreamed of, but it all makes sense. 17 year old Jill, the one who sits and reads magazines about the new famous icons its kind of the new thing all the teenage girls are doing these days, the glam and the fashion everyone is just overwhelmed with all of it. The clothes the designers have introduced in this decade is crazy. Harry on the other hand, the oldest brother, takes none of it. “its just this new media, they have run out of interesting things to write about, they have no knowledge and are trying to waste people’s time with this nonsense,” it is quite expected of him, he is going to go study Era’s and Dimensional science, I don’t really understand what its all about but apparently if he finishes his diploma he would have come up with the best invention ever made on the planet. As for the younger brother Charlie, only 11 but already knows what he is doing and where he is going in his life. Its all about theatre and dance for young Charlie, the complete opposite of Harry. No school and no knowledge, art is what created this world with no art and no music how can we have rhythm to live? It’s great to see how little kids are having such great ambitions these days. Four completely different people, their thoughts are like they live in a different time zone, but for some weird reason they have always stuck together no matter what. But why? Is it just because they are family or is there a stronger force that’s pushing them all together? Everyone knows they are the perfect definition of a happy family, there’s just something, like a power that sticks them together! And although it seems like they have come from completely different planets their source is the same and that is very obvious. As for the parents, well they are the classical loving parents that anyone would wish to have, dear old Margaret  is a typical housewife cares for her children ,worries at every little problem but gives them the freedom to express themselves and follow their dreams. Dreams. It should be their second name. My theory: it is the thing that joins them all together. The Heafs have all been brought up to forget everything around them and follow their dreams, luck and destiny Harry lead them to where they are supposed to be and that’s how Margaret and Daniel met that’s how they have become a happy family all together living in the small but cosy house for the past 20 years. How do I know all of this? That’s not important at the moment.

Our story starts with Amelia starting her first day of college. No more highschool, its time to face the real world. Margaret and Daniel have had enough practice with Jill and Harry to know how to prepare them to be independent. The alarm went off.

“First day of college dear, come on, I’v made you some breakfast I knew you’d be up late. Get up or your teachers Harry get a bad impression of you,” Amelia opened her eyes, a tray with full English breakfast welcomed her and the smell of the bacon flew into her nose. She took a deep breath and smiled warmly at her mother.

“You shouldn’t have ma, ill be fine. Remember first day of college? Finally I need to be able to take care of myself.” Education isn’t a priority in the Heaf’s household! When Charlie decided to go study his complicated science course the family was shocked but also pleased, there was one thing though that they have all promised to do, never leave the house, wether they go study or get a job after they finish they must com back and live in the same little but cosy house of the Heaf’s. That is why Margret and David have always focused on giving the children as much freedom as they can so they can feel they can have their own lives and make their own choices even if they stay with their families! But what they don’t know is that this promise that they made is a curse, that Harry stay with them their whole lives. The Heaf’s house is an old ancient building in the middle of York in a town called moorlhill. The house is the only valuable thing that they have inherited. It had been passed down by generations of their desendants, apart from the house itself, something else was inherited…

Mr Heaf was reading the daily paper as usual,

“What is up with all these shooting stars and lightning? They’re all over the news read this…”He said, Mrs Heaf laughed and kissed her husband.

“Now, now David, we don’t want to bore the kids with any more of the news, they have places to be and so do you, get dressed and go to the office dear.” The Heaf’s are not the richest family in the neighbourhood, although they have inherited this beautiful, humble home Mr heaf still has to go to work every morning to make sure that there is bread on the table when he gets back and water in the jug, and shoes on his dear children’s feet. Mr Heaf started off as an inventor but when that did not work out quite as he wished, he became an invetor’s assistant, helping with the maps and the plans and the ideas but not getting any of the praise.

“Bye mom, bye dad” Amelia called from the front door, as she closed it behind her. As she walked out a gush of wind welcomed her. It’s only October, she thought. The weather has been acting very strange lately in Moorhill. Amelia looked back at the door but decided that she wanted to go alone. This was her first day at college, and just as she always imagined the first time she was going to become fully independent and self-reliant, her parents believed in her and trusted her, she can’t let them down and disappoint them before barely leaving the house. She took a deep breath and started walking.

5 minuets later and the weather was getting worse, the college is not that far away, dad said it should take a minuet or two. She passed the little tea shop and the block of restaurant, she started walking faster, the last buildings were disappearing. She looked back, she couldn’t see anything now, just the moor. There was mist everywhere creeping up at her as if she was some sort of magnet for mist. This is not right. She turned around as the breeze smashed at her face. She gave a shiver and started running, it was harder now and she needed much more effort to move, she was now running the opposite direction of the storm and she could feel the pressure increasing as she moved faster. Her breathing got heavier but she could finally tell the little brick house that was the tea house they spend time in. She realized that they don’t really visit anywhere else in the little town, this main road was the only place they’ve really been, the park at the end of their street when they were children, the pet shop across the tea house when they got a bit older, and the tea house when they turned into teenagers, it was a very small town, but there must be more places around.

She finally stopped and looked at the 5 story building infront of her, it was newer than everything else around and much busier than the isolated moor, she walked into the main entrance hall and took her scarf off as warm air replaced the cold. She sighed with relief and looked back outside for one last time, the warm atmosphere had been replaced with the same sort of mist that was in the moor. But none of this weird weather fiasco was going to ruin her first day at college, the day she’s been counting down for all summer, the weather men and news reporters can take care of the mist all she had to do is focus on college. She took a deep breath and had a look around.

The hall was welcoming but very strangely ornamented, it looked much older on the inside than it did outside, and it defeantely did not look like a typical college. The main chandelier was flickering but nobody seemed bothered, there were sound of footsteps moving in every direction. Busy students trying to get to their lessons on time. She walked to the main desk and cleared her throat,

“Excuse me, I’m looking for the history department, what floor am I on?” She asked. The woman behind the desk was short with a bob haircut, she looked up at Amelia through her glasses, they magnified her eyes and made them nearly as big as her head. She had an extremely small nose and was wearing a poncho.

“Oh, wise choice my dear, I believe you mean, the history of the divine art, right this way follow me” The strange woman smiled and moved slowly out of the broken wooden stool she was sitting on, she had a hunchback and seemed like she was giving all her power to walk these few steps; Amelia stared after her but did not move.

“What’s wrong dear,” The lady asked, perplexed.

“Erm, I think I have the wrong building. Do you know where the public college is?” Amelia asked, she tried hiding the shakiness in her voice. The woman smirked and took her glasses off taking a better look at Amelia from head to toe,

“I think you better go home dear, there’s a lot for you to learn…”She whispered cautiously. Amelia had no idea what these words meant. Ofcourse she had a lot to learn, that’s why she came to college. How could this old woman judge her without even looking at her CV? But for some reason Amelia knew deep inside that was not what the woman meant at all. Going home was the best choice she had. This was very strange, she was sure that this was where the college was situated only that is definitely not the public college she’s in.

Just as she was about to leave the main door she heard a familiar voice.

“Amelia!” Chris called, This gave her a little strength, a little sense that real life still excited, her boyfriend Chris. They have been together for nearly a year now and it was one of the things that were most exciting about this little town. Just the thought of having her loving Chris next to her now just made the situation a million times better. All her anxiety had vanished. She turned around and smiled.

“So you finally found out!”He hugged her beaming. Her smile vanished. The happiness that just entered her soul had suddenly been sucked out.

“Found out what?”She asked confused.

“Well obviously you’re here, they must have told you…”He stopped halfway through the sentence, he frowned. “how could it be…” he was mumbling to himself. Amelia stopped listening as she remembered, this is not right, Chris was not going to college, the only disadvantage of going to college was being set apart from him, he was going to start working at his dad’s shop and maybe go to university the year after, they had talked about it over and over, why is he here?

“Wait, what are you doing here? And what did you think I found out?” She demanded.

“It’s complicated, look I gotta go. Forget what I said alright?” He leaned to kiss her on the forehead but she moved away.  This was not like him. They never kept anything from each other they were the perfect couple and had the most trusting relationship. What was going on? What did he mean? She looked back, he was already gone.

The wind was gone and the sun was nearly up. There was a shadow behind her as if someone was following her, she turned around and saw a strange tall man, he was wearing a hood and had a scarf covering his mouth although it was not called anymore. He was a middle aged man and put his hand up on his lips as Amelia opened her mouth, she did not know what she wanted to say, maybe just to leave her alone. Her parents have always told her not to talk to stranger, and this was exactly what he was, she was nearly home, just a few more steps and her parents would hear her if she screamed. She ran the last few steps and locked the gate behind her.

“Hello?” She called as she shut the front door. “Anyone home? Charlie, Harry, Jill, Mom?” There was noise coming from upstairs, Amelia went up the stairs the noise seemed to come from the bathroom, the door was ajar; Amelia pushed it open but before she could see what was causing the noise her mum greeted her and shut the bathroom door hastily, “What’s wrong dear?” She tried to sound worried, but the question seemed shallow as if she already knew the answer. Amelia didn’t know where to begin, what to tell her mother, or ask her mother. The mist, the weird college and the strange short woman, the tall man following her or Chris acting so weird, what had he meant when he said “Did they tell you?” Who were they, and what did he think they told her. She didn’t know anything knew that she hadn’t known before today.

“What’s all that noise?” She managed to ask her mum, but she realized it had gone completely quiet, she moved her hand towards the bathroom door and tried to open it but her mum pulled her away,

“Oh, just me trying to clean everything. It all fell in a clatter, don’t worry about that, now what brings you here?” Her mum smiled and lead the way towards the kitchen, “I just boiled some water, fancy some tea?” She asked, while getting two mugs from the cupboard and pouring boiling water in them.

“yes please,” After a few seconds Mrs heaf placed the old cup of tea that they have had since Amelia can last remember on the table, her hands were shaking and Amelia couldn’t help staring at them, Mrs Heaf half-smiled and turned around to get some biscuits. She sat down across the table but did not ask any more questions. There was a couple of moments of an eerie silence, sipping of tea and Mrs Heaf munching on her third biscuit. The tea infront of Amelia was not touched yet, she couldn’t move any part of her body, she was in shock and she couldn’t think properly until she put all the pieces together but nothing made sense. Mrs Heaf cleared her throat and looked at her daughter in concern. Amelia glanced up at her mum bringing her back to reality. she gave a sigh and took a sip of her tea. “Mum…” she started “I don’t know where to start but something really … strange … happened …”What could she tell her mother? She would just laugh and say that it was the winter making its way early or some stupid little saying of hers. But she couldn’t keep it all inside, she had to tell someone it was all clattering inside her brain waiting to burst at any moment.

“Its just I was walking and there was this mist it was really strange like I got lost and I went to the moor the one dad told us never to go to and I didn’t mean to go there I just sort of got lost, and I knew that something was wrong and i ran back and I found the college only it wasn’t the college it was this…this I don’t know weird place…and this woman came and Chris was there, I thought he was working at his dads and he asked me if I found out but  I don’t know what he meant, and I think he’s keeping a secret from me and…”Tears started coming down her eyes and she breathed heavily trying not to cry in front of her mum. This was, after all the moment where she would turn independent, and she wasted it and let down everyone who had faith and believed in her, even herself. Couldn’t she bear a few mysterious things to happen in her life, everything is normal, her mum is in front of her with her cup of tea in her hands and she’s in the warmth of her cosy house. Only everything isn’t normal, a worried look has taken over Mrs Heaf’s face and she was gulping her tea down as if it was water, unlike Amelia who hadn’t touched it.

Amelia waited for her mum to say something, but the eerie silence continued.

“well, im going to the toilet,” she finally said awkwardly.

“NO!”Mrs heaf nearly screamed and stood up suddenly, almost pushing the table sideways. “emm, its still a mess there dear. In fact, I need to go clean up a little.” She explained hastily and hurried out of the kitchen. Amelia stared out of the window and sighed. The day that her life was supposed to change the most was ruined, although her life seemed to have changed, only not in a good way. That night Amelia had a sleepless night, it was filled with vivid dreams that she could remember in detail when she woke up, only she could not make any sense of it. There was a book in a little attick, a crumbled peice of paper that had many lines looking like a spider’s web, and a life-size bowl with something bubbling inside. Her phone vibrated and woke her up, it was only 6 o’clock and a Saturday too. She groaned and looked at her phone. It was a message from Chris.

Sorry had to leave in a rush, coffee today at tea house? C

She sighed, there was something wrong, he hadn’t even put any kisses, Chris always puts kisses. Although she was still angry and confused about everything, the last thing she wanted to do was ruin her relationship with Chris. He had a secret and she had to find out what it is. Yes. That’s it. He didn’t want to keep secrets from her. They had talked about trust only a few days ago, trust was the key to a perfect relationships. They had agreed to keep no secrets from each other and that was him keeping that promise. But the Tea house didn’t seem like a good place to tell someone a secret, it is the busiest place in town, the most popular place to go and socialize, not to tell your secrets. Maybe it wasn’t a secret. She put her phone down and sighed, she’d have to wait till tea time. That’s always the worst thing, waiting; even worse than the result itself. 

She lied down for a bit and thought about everything that had happened yesterday. She tried going back to sleep but after realizing that she couldn’t she got out of bed and went downstairs, everyone would still be sleeping and she can have the house to herself make herself a special breakfast and just relax. There were voices coming from the kitchen, it was only 6o’clock.

“I want the big one!” Charlie moaned.

“It’s okay don’t worry there’s more in the pan,” Harry reassured him,

“you’re the one who’s gonna get fat” it was a low mumble but Amelia could tell that it was Jill.

“hey guys, what are you all doing up so early?” “couldn’t go to bed” they all explained in unison. Weird, Amelia thought. “me too,” A mouthwatering smell reached her nose. “mm…Harry you made your special pancakes,” he smiled and gave her a plate of his delicious pancakes with chocolate and banana. Although he was the genius in the family, he still had some Heaf blood in him, he had inherited his mum’s amazing cooking skills and even she can admit that he was a little bit better.

After three platefuls, she was fully satisfied and the food seemed to have dissolved some of the worry and concern on her recent problems, she could actually smile and talk to her siblings without thinking of the weird events that had happened to her yesterday.

“so how was your first day at college?” Jill asked. But the memories just had to keep coming back to her.

“Well, I thought I found the college, but I’d gotten the wrong building or something so I came back home…”She kept it simple, she didn’t want to worry her brothers and sisters too, they would have thought she was being stupid anyway. Jill laughed at her sister’s stupidity.

“well there was a lot of fog…”Amelia explained, but decided it was better to stop talking. Harry seemed curious all of a sudden, he glanced up at the word fog. He looked up at her curiously as if he was trying to tell her something silently with his eyes but she didn’t understand.  After Charlie had gone up to dance in his room and Jill was going shopping in York with some of her friends it was only Amelia and Harry. She was hoping he wouldn’t bring it up again, but of course he did, because she couldn’t have a minuet without the depressing thoughts coming back to her.

“You know the thing you said about mixing up the buildings?” he started. She nodded, there was a lump forming in her throat, she was sick of talking about that subject. “well, there was more to the story that you didn’t mention before wasn’t there?” how did he know she wondered.

“Did it happen to you too?” she asked suddenly curious, maybe she wasn’t all alone.

“Well not exactly, but some weird stuff did happen…”

“like what?” She could understand from his look that he liked talking about his weird day as much as she did. He stayed silent for a moment as if deciding wether it was safe to tell her or not.

“well I was on my train back yesterday night and just before we reached the moor, the train was going crazy, at first I thought it was just the wind from the moor only it got worse when we reached the city, I couldn’t see anything outside there was a lot of fog, but nobody seemed to notice…so maybe it was just my imagination”

“No it wasn’t Harry! I saw fog too, and I went next to the moor, one minuet it was there and the next it wasn’t, and there were these weird people in the building that I went to, as if their not from the year 2012, the way they dress and the decoration inside, its weird Harry I’m telling you, something is up.” He nodded, and from his eyes she could tell that he really did believe her as much as he didn’t want her to.

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