A Love Poem


1. Love

Our love consumes me.


It ate me whole,

It wraped itself around me,


Tight as the grip of snake,

Soft as the petals of a rose, 

Sharp as its thorns.


Our love barely brushed you by.

It ruffled your hair,

So you brushed it aside.

It was a breeze that tossed up the leaves,

And set them down, 

Just as they were before.


It was a tornado.

It snatched me up and whirled me 'round,

And then it threw me to the ground.


Here I lay in a tangled knot,

My heart shredded,

By the storm you conjured,


Everything I see is ripped and changed,

Everything I feel is sharp and serrated.


Nothing you see, nothing you can ever feel,

Is more than a ripple across the surface,

Is more than a smudge to be rubbed away.


That is why you cannot tell,

Or simply do not care,

How deep you dug your claws in me, 

And when you tore them out, 

How much I bled.


That is why you wore me like a shawl,

To be shrugged on, shrugged off, when the weather turns,

To be cast away as you unravel me.


When all the while, I've worn you as a shroud.

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