A physical manifestation of fear, the bitter understudy of death


1. Fear

In the Land of Fear, no joy exists

A dark, ominous place

Roaring fires engulf the land

Consuming prisoners in its fiery vortex


In the Land of Fear, trapped are the people

Giant arachnids roam free

Spindly legs trample on those

Frozen by fear


In the Land of Fear, creatures ravage

Marauding the darkness

With cold and bitter deadliness

Turning water to ice


In the Land of Fear, death looms

Waiting, watching, hidden in the shadows

Flickering and dancing on the faces

Of those ensnared by Fear himself


And in all this,

Snaking tendrils dance through

The crowd of those transfixed with horror

As Fear exerts its endless power


'I am always here, but never seen,

A silent tormentor, a nightmarish dream,

Watch all your happiness wither away,

You're trapped here forever... and you're here to stay'


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