Mine forever.

You're my world...


1. When I first saw him...

So, first things first. I'm a very shy person. I don't talk much and I fall for people pretty easy. I just had to clear that up, because well... yes. Hi, I'm Victoria but you can call me Vic because it's easier and quicker to read. I'm in love with a boy. His name is Zayn and he doesn't... well. DIDN'T know I existed. It all changed though. 


February, last year. 2011.

The school bell had just rang, you walked down the corridor and all you could hear was girls gossiping, boys talking about who won the football match last night and feet scuttering along the floor. There was couples walking down the hallway, holding hands and kissing... then there was my friends and I. Their names? Lisa and Gabriela. I've been friends with for 8 years now. So back to the story. I was walking down the hall and I turned to face Lisa, before I knew it. My books were all over the floor. I looked up and staring back into my eyes were a gorgeous pair of brown eyes. "Sorry about that..." he said. "I didn't see you. Are you okay?" 

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