The funnel story

In English class back in high school we got asked to write a funnel story, which for those of you who don't know is a story that starts out on a broad scale and gets smaller and smaller until it focuses on a single detail. Now me being me didn't do the homework and I got told I had one day to write one or else I would be in BIG TWOUBLE! So I sat thinking about it and had a flash of inspiration and started writing. I handed it in within an hour.


1. The city

This city was big, far too big, big enough to get lost in.

By lost I don't mean as in going down the wrong street and not knowing where you are. Though that was easy enough to do aswell. I mean to lose who you are, your faith, your mind.

I stood looking at the skyline for a moment and imagined all the stories people had to tell, people just like me. But people who wanted to get better, who weren't as selfish.

I didn't have much time, I thought of all the places I had to visit and the people I had to see. I thought of her and felt anxiety squeeze my ribcage and knew I had to get going.

I set off down the street which, as always, was eerily empty. I couldn't help but notice how much grey there was. All of the houses were grey, the pavement was grey. Even the people were grey. I thought to myself, who in charge of things thinks to themself  "lets make everything grey, people love grey!" If I were in charge every house would be a different colour and the pavement would be painted yellow so everyone could pretend they were in Oz. they might even want to leave the house once in a while.

Why was I dithering about such things when I had alot to do and not much time? God, I'm so stupid. So so stupid. Fuck fuck fuck.

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