While I Still Can

Teddy Burton isn't quite 1 in a million, he's 1 in aproximately 375,000 and slowly losing grip on all he thought he'd have. Sometimes our path isn't what we imagine, obstacles force us to reconsider our choices and build a new ideal - the trick is not to get lost amongst the many twists and turns. No one wants to settle for existing we aim to LIVE. Teddy is soon to discover how far he would go to LIVE, while he still can...


1. Prologue

My life has sequentially built up to this moment – the inevitable choice. Somehow it appears anticlimactic in contrast to all those preconceived ideas. I feel nothing, not even the beckon of freedom entices an emotion. I can’t help wondering; was it all worth it, any of it? I rest my eyes and remember - It’s ok. I register its remarkable unremarkability, like an uninspiring dream. I see it, the shadow of a wish no longer confined by words, decidedly drab when obtainable. Reality grasps my imagined masterpiece, streaking it with fear and dissatisfaction until its beauty diminishes to a fleck of splendour within an ugly mess. The time is now, farewell expectations.

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