Twisted spines and shitty rhymes

Just a mix of my little rants and observations.


1. Lonely.


Completely and utterly solitary

Icy arrows pierce this heart

Little words stringed together

So sharp, so cold

Have such a big impact

\On just every little moment

I’m not hated, just never been loved.

I want some-one

That when our hands intertwine

My fingers in your veins and

My bones melt into your spine

Our minds combine and swirl together

We create and inspire

Someone that calms this house on fire

Everyday the taste of my ashes

Grows more and more bitter

Like salt water, I taste this ocean

But could never escape

Drowning on these rocky seas

And life’s weather.

My skin is leather.

Completely oblivious

To the outside

This caged bird heart screams for salvation

And all I can do is believe in karma,

Hope and plead that I can survive another day.

Who am I pleading too?

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