The Stone of fate

A newspaper article on someone going on a journey to retrieve the stone of fate.


1. Newspaper article.

James John smith, age 32, has now announced that he will be the 12th and hopefully the last person to try to return the Stone of Fate to its rightful place in Arizonia. James has a date set which is on the 27th of May giving him enough time to get ready to conquer his quest.
This fabulous jewel was stolen from Slingh, an Aztec City, many centuries ago. The stone of Fate will bring joy and great riches to whom may, if ever, retrieve it and put it back to its rightful place.
He is going deep into South American jungle to find the temple which contains the hidden Stone of fate. He will face a dangerous and difficult journey to seek the stone from the city of Gold, high in the Peligro mountains, by dirt road and primitive railway, then along the river Muerte, through the Amazon rainforest which is 5,000,000km², to eventually, if so, arrive at the Temple of Ariaca itself. The journey will not be over yet as Jams will have to find the Stone which is hidden in the Temple and follow his steps back out to reach Arizonia.
A quote in which James made clearly states, “I am not doing this for the great riches that I may receive if I am the one who will conquer this quest, I am doing this because I want to bring peace and Joy to the city in which I belong. I feel a part of Arizonia, so I feel the need to go on this quest. Though I have no experience, I still need to return the Stone of Fate to its rightful place!”
James has thought very hard and is going alone but has some backup in case of anything which may go wrong or may happen. He expects a long journey and he knows the consequences if something does indeed go wrong but is still going along with it.
A total of 11 people going on 12 including James have said that they were brave enough to return the Stone but have failed the mission and not survived the journey and no one yet, since 2005, have tried yet again to complete the quest. Will James John Smith become the first yet only one ever to conquer the quest and return the beautiful, rich jewel to its rightful place? Will he survive the difficult journey which lies ahead?

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