The Deal

This is a short story I wrote some time ago and thought you might like to read it.
It's about a girl who is on the way back from work and gets attacked. I'll let you find out what happens :)
Please comment what you think, like it if you actually like it haha, and favourite if you love it!!<3


1. Chapter 1

Work was a disaster. Bloody patients were being wheeled around on gurneys-tonight had been a busy night-one patient had been stabbed in the stomach, barely breathing. Unconscious. Doctors were screaming out orders as they wheeled the patient into a suite, flipped his body onto the spring hospital bed and began connecting him to life support. He had lost a lot of blood. I was supposed to be a nurse, yet I was definitely not good with chewed up legs and missing hands. I honestly didn’t understand why I chose to study medicine.

On my way home, I noticed the air was dark and lifeless. There was no stars sparkling in the sky, but that wasn’t any different from any other night-this was London, the sky was normally full of smoke from the factories in the centre of the city. Humans were blind, unable to see the sky behind the clouds of gas. However, I found myself surprised. The streets were bare and there was not a single car in sight. The night was somewhat peaceful. I tugged my winter coat tightly around my torso, trapping my body heat, an attempt to keep me from slipping into hypothermia. I trailed along the path, heading towards the block of flats not far from here; I could see the rooftop from here.

I stopped in my tracks and frowned at the eerie silence. I scanned my surroundings, searching for a sign of danger. Before I could continue on my walk home, a sweaty hand clamped around my mouth and began dragging me backwards into a nearby alleyway. My screams were muffled behind my balms. “Shut the hell up!” the man shouted, pressing something sharp to my neck. I trembled, realising that the object was a knife, threatening to steal my life from me, and throw me into Hell. I knew from a very young age that my fate was Hell, ever since I broke my mother’s cookie jar that had been passed down from generation to the next. She had told me that I would suffer the wrath of the devil for it-it seemed a bit harsh for a mother to say, but she was not the friendliest of people.

I felt tears trickle from my eyes, fearing the worst. The man threw me to the ground like I was a bag of rubbish. He spat on the ground near me. I grimaced. I froze as I heard the evil laughter of another man approach me.

“A deal’s a deal,” he grinned, handing over a small brown package to the man who had grabbed me.

“Lady,” the man with the knife smiled at me. “You just got me my next fix.” It wouldn’t have taken a genius to figure out what that meant. He meant that I had been a part of a deal. If he brought me to the dealer then he would get his next supply of drugs.

“Run along,” the dealer said to the man. He stood still and looked at me for a second before sprinting away, shoving the package in his coat pocket.

“Now,” the dealer sighed as he circled me. He grabbed a blade from his pocket and fiddled with it with his fingers.

“Why don’t you be a good girl and hand me everything you’ve got.” I chucked my bag at his feet. All he’d find was a rundown phone and a twenty pound note.  However, I knew that this wasn’t the worst. There was more to come.

“If you scream,” the dealer chuckled before carrying on. “Then you will be greeted by Death. Understood?” I nodded. I looked around for an escape route, but the only way out was the way I had came in. The dealer rummaged through my bag and then threw it at the wall. 

“You’ve made me unhappy,” he growled and then noticed the gleaming stone on my ring finger. “Give me that.”

“’s my engagement ring,” I choked. I feared that I would not return home to my fiancé.

“Give it to me, now!” he raged, gripping my throat with his hand. He squeezed the air out of me and I gasped, trying to hold on to what was left of my life. Shakily, I took the ring off my finger and gave it to him.

“Good,” he said. “Now, do not give me any trouble.”

I crawled against the wall, trying to hide myself in the shadows.

“Don’t be scared,” the man grinned. “Come and say hello to Uncle Jack.”

Keep calm, I thought. Before I could register what I was doing, I threw myself off the ground and kicked him in the groin. He bellowed with rage and chased after me. I ran for my life, hoping I’d get to my apartment soon. My hope disintegrated in seconds as he gripped the back of my shirt and pulled me to him. 

“I told you to behave,” he spat. “Now you must pay.”

I screamed, hoping, praying that someone would hear me and save me. I prayed for my guardian angel to rescue me. I was not a religious person and I wasn’t expecting a miracle but yet, I felt gravely disappointed that some sort of glowing light didn’t appear, guiding me to safety.

“I also told you not to scream!” the dealer said through gritted teeth. I gasped in pain as he lunged the knife into my back, his arm was tightly wrapped around my neck, and I had no way of escaping. He dragged me into the alley I had come from and threw me to the ground. I yelled with pain, immediately regretting it as I knew I would be punished. He stabbed the blade into my side as he straddled me. He clamped his hand over my mouth as a thousand tears fell for the last time. I struggled underneath his weight, trying to push him off, but I could feel my life slipping from me. How Ironic, I thought.

Earlier today, I had been the one to witness a stab wound and now I was the one being stabbed to death. I love you, Matthew, I thought, even though my fiancé wouldn’t hear my final words. And then, to my surprise, I saw the glowing light, greeting me, welcoming me to Heaven. Abruptly the light disappeared, I was being dragged backwards, into Hell, and soon I fell into oblivion.

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