The Leaders of Nature

All land animals have a living Leader or God, and they all live with each other. There is a court where all of them are accounted for. Led by the greater species, one from each continent. Asia: The Tiger, Africa: The Lion, The Americas: The Eagle, The Poles: The Polar Bear, Oceania: Kangaroo, and Europe: The Wolf. But they are all guided by an even greater species. The Owls, the most wise of all animals. But one species leader is tired, of being a puppet. And leaves, but, they won't let him go that easy. And his own kind try to hunt him down....


1. Leader or Puppet?

My species is more powerful than the rest, why question our decisions? To be the Leader of my species is a great honour, but also a death sentence. If I don't agree with the others, they look down on me, like a pup. And since they're uncivilized, I have to fight for my right to speak. I've already earnt that, why fight for something I already have. The strength of my bones don't show how clever I am. It's the strength of my Spirit. I am a puppet to the others, they think not of what we do. Of how we do it, so why stay in a world where I can't even speak out...
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