12 Red Roses

My Valentine's Day Love Story!


1. 12 Red Roses

As I was walking down the busy and chaotic corridor it felt like everyone was looking at me, the stares were not helping with my self-confidence and I was probably the quietest person in this school no one ever looked at me. What was I doing? If I had any common sense I would turn around and go back to the cafeteria and eat lunch with my friends like I would any other normal day of the week but today wasn’t a normal day, it was valentine’s day and I was so desperately sad. Every other girl was spending today with someone they loved, but not me, I was with no one. I wanted to turn back but I couldn’t my feet were obviously just not listening to me today, in fact I could swear they just started moving faster. Now I think about it that was probably a good thing.

I had liked him for ages even looking at him made my head start to spin. His name was Damien he was tall, dark and handsome every girls dream his hair was the colour of melted chocolate and his eyes… they were like the doorway into his soul, he was the cutest guy I had ever laid my eyes on and now I was about to ask him out. I must be crazy! He is one of the best actors this school has ever seen he had a ton of friends and everybody liked him. I stood no chance.

The stage door was heavy and stiff as I opened it. Maybe it was an omen telling me I should turn back now and forget any of this had ever happened. By the time I had decided I was being stupid  it was too late I was already standing in the wings. He was standing in centre stage holding his script and staring at the bright lights. I knew I had to do this just to have some form of closure in my heart. As I walked up to him my heart was pumping.

“Hey” I said shyly, his face stiffened he didn’t turn to face me but just kept staring at the lights

“Hi” he mumbled, he obviously was not happy to see me.

Knowing it was too late to turn back I decided I had to go through with it I was left with no choice! “I know I’m not pretty and you don’t want to be with me and that if I walk away you will not care… but I just wanted you to know how I feel about you” I couldn’t believe that I had gone through with it I was so proud of myself but deep in my heart I knew what was coming next so I started to walk off not wanting to feel any regret for what could have been.

As I walked away a tear formed in my eye. Before I could run off he grabbed my arm and told me to stay.

He said "You're not pretty, you're stunning. I don`t want to be with you forever, I need to be with you forever. And I wouldn't care if you walked away; I think I might just die." He then ran into the wings and grabbed something.

I was shocked about what had just happened I didn’t know what to do. Never in a million years would I have expected this. I was in complete and utter shock When he returned he was carrying a big beautiful bouquet of roses, red roses, he handed them to me and said

“I’ll love you until the last one dies,” I never would have thought he would be this cruel about it, these roses wouldn’t last a week. In one fatal blow I had asked out the boy of my dreams and got my hopes up over nothing. I was heartbroken… that was until I noticed one of the roses was a fake. With three simple words I told him what I should have told him ages ago “I love you,”

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