An ode to a loved one

A persona declaring their love for another- with unexpected results


1. An ode to a loved one

An undying love,

Embedded on my heart,

Engraved with the symbol

Of forbidden fruit


A bite taken,

But the rest remains

Upon your slender back

How i caress


You with your curvaceous figure,

Your bright face,

Rich as the sun itself,

As i warm to you


I feel you, dark, mysterious, inconspicuous

And yet all i see is you,

When boredom rears its abhorrent head

I simply look upon your face,


Yet you are not mine to keep,

For millions look upon you with

Equal desire, a love like fire,

Fuelling the dreams of dreamers everywhere


With you i never despair,

Lucious skin, smooth with a silken

Sheen, reflects my adoring face

For you, dear iPhone, give me what i need


Angry birds, and Facebook on the move  


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