1. poem

Valentines day is nearly hear,

but if you're alone dont shed a tear.

This is the year you have to ask,

even if it seems like an impossible task.


You've known eachother since school began,

she's your best mate, your closest friend, your biggest fan.

But  the way she looks at you is a little strange,

maybe your relationship is starting to change.


How hard can it be, to express yourself,

just 3 words from you, no-one else.

Even if she says no its worth a try,

but you cant let your mates see you cry.


No, who cares, you know how you feel,

but if she says no are you sure you'll heal.

You have known her for so long now,

you can do it, just ask, but how?



I love you, thats all you have to say,

you've been friends for too long, todyay's the day.

You dont need  flowers, chocolates or wine,

Deep breath, fingers crossed, will you be my valentine.


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