I’ll wear a rose.

Engelsk stil som blev sådan ok at læse, den er dog gammel og stikkert fuld af fejl.


1. I’ll wear a rose.

People came and people left the station. John walked around, looking for her. A red rose, a red rose… A red rose, a black jacket. A red rose on a black jacket. Wait! Did she say a black jacket? John’s thoughts were not the funniest to follow, as he started too worried. He has been on the station in at long time, and it wasn’t getting any essayer.  Minutes passed slowly and John started to panic, for real. What if she didn’t shows up? John bit his lower lip and focuses on the people around him. Red rose! I don’t like to play games. More minutes went just as slowly, but there was no red rose. It begins to rain and John could feel the cold drops through his jacket. How long had he been there? John didn’t try to find out, his was scared. Scared of the time and the fact the time will have. John looks up in the sky. Come on John, don’t be a chicken. John told himself, he had to be strong! He had to try, she won’t trick him! She will be there! She has to! The rain was heavy and the sky turned dark. Johns hope was failed and he was going to leave, but then he felt a hand on his shoulder. “So is where you hide yourself?” A soft voice said. John turned around and saw her for the first time! The red rose lights up, with the crimson color. He looks from her jacket to her face. Finally! She had long red hair and big blue eyes, which remind he off a dog. But it didn’t matter! She was his, and beautiful too! A shy smile crossed her face and made raindrops run down her face. “You are John right?” She asks with a worried voice. John smile. “That’s me.” Her face turned from shy to smile, and she almost jumped into his arms. John got forced into a hug before he could do or say anything. She was happy, but John was a little sad. The magic she had made, it was gone. He would miss it. He hasn’t never admitted it, but he like her for the magic.

The she let go of him. John try to smile, but it feels more like at scary mask. She laughs. John smile again, but this time for real. “So?” She said and pick up her bags. John toke one of them and reply: “So what?” She giggles soft. John started to walk out of the station. The sky was grey and it started to drizzle. Twilight. John smile and reply: “Everything.”

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