The First Year Troubles, Harry Potter

A new generation of Harry Potter.

I have made up a few characters so beware!


1. Owls and Fires

Victoria Potter woke up with a soft pillow in her face. “What?” She asked, sitting up and rubbing her eyes. As her eyes adjusted to the light, she could just make out the outline of a small girl sitting on the bed opposite. “Don't you know what day it is?” The girl asked, she seemed excited about something. “No, why?” Vicky asked, genuinely clueless. “August the 30th!” The little girl jumped up and down on her bed. “Oh, of course! Sorry, Lily, I completely forgot!” With that Vicky bounced off her bed and went over to her sisters bed. She sat down and tried to calm down the excited 11-year-old. “It might be a bit frightening at first, but after a while you will get used to it, and I will always be there for you.” She said, after she had got Lily settled down. “I know, but I'll be OK. Don't worry, Vicky, I will be fine! It is just a new school, not a new life.” Lily told her sister, sounding very grown up. “Vicky, Lily, James! Breakfast is ready!” A woman’s voice called from downstairs. The two girls got up off the bed and walked through the house, down to the kitchen. As soon as they entered the kitchen, a black haired boy rushed past them and sat down in an empty chair around the large table. A very tiered woman with flaming red hair and a 1-year-old baby on her hip came into sight holding a plate full of pancakes. “There you are!” She said, putting the plate on the table and fastening the baby into his high-chair, “I was starting to get worried! Vicky can you feed Liam for me and Chloe, don't do that!” The woman was now addressing a black haired teenager, the spitting image of the boy who had just come into the room. Both girls nodded and obeyed there mother. Vicky took the chair next to the high-chair and started feeding the little boy occupying it, while Lily took the remaining chair next to a ginger haired boy, who was reading a very thick book. Breakfast in the Potter house was always fun, fighting over the food and getting in each others way, but as September the first was only days away, there was a defiant feeling of excitement. All of the Potter children would be heading back to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry and everyone was looking forward to it. Just then the back door opened and a man with very untidy black hair and emerald green eyes came through it. “Hi, Dad!” The children at the table said together. “Hello, darlings!” Harry Potter hugged all six of his children then hugged his wife. “Your home early.” Ginny said, stirring the contents of a pan. “Yeah, well, they let me leave a little early.” Harry said, “Oh, by the way Vicky, I have got you that interview with the Aurer office. It is on Friday.” “Thanks dad, that’s great. Did you get Lauren one too?” Vicky asked, halfway through an aeroplane full of pancake. Harry nodded and Vicky stood up so quickly she knocked her chair over. She thrust the spoon into Chloe's hands and rushed out of the room, muttering something about mailing Lauren.

It was august the 31st and the children were really excited. In about 24 hours they would be seeing the massive castle again and settling down for the start of term feast. Ginny was busy in the kitchen, her wand commanding potato to peel and eggs to boil, while Harry and the children were in the living room, entertaining their guests. “Hows your mum and dad then, Hermione?” Harry asked the bushy haired woman next to him. “Oh, yeah they're fine! We went to see them for Rosie's birthday. They have really taken to Ron.” Hermione indicated to the ginger haired man on the floor, watching a very interesting game of wizard chess between Rosie and Albus. “Really?” Harry sounded shocked. “Really.” Ron said looking up at the two people on the sofa. “I don't know why though, I bet I was really weird.” “No you weren't!” Hermione reassured her husband. Ron opened his mouth to retaliate but just then Ginny's voice echoed from the kitchen announce that dinner was ready. Once everyone was seated around the table (witch was a bit of a squeeze with the 4 guests) Ginny came around the corner carrying a large plate of chicken drumsticks, sausages and chicken joints and a smaller plate of salad. She put the salad in front of Vicky and the meat in the middle of the table. She went back into the kitchen and came back with a jug of pumpkin juice. “Yum, sis, this looks great!” Ron complemented, licking his lips and tucking in to his dinner. Hermione rolled her eyes at Ginny but tucked in just the same. Dinner was a very pleasant experience. Halfway through the second course, a tawny owl entered the room through the open window. It landed next to Vicky who untied the scroll of parchment from the owls leg and opened it. The owl took off back through the window as Vicky started reading the letter. After she had read it through Vicky let out a small gasp and started reading aloud.

Dear Miss Victoria Potter,

I am very pleased to announce that, as you have had a spectacular quidditch career here at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, you have been awarded captaincy of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, next term. You will find enclosed your badge. Good luck!

Professor M McGonagoll Headmistress.

Vicky stopped reading and looked up at the her family. Suddenly the whole room was filled with applause and 10 “well done”s. 10 hands were coming down on Vicky’s back and Leam was clapping and laughing hysterically. Vicky was already part of the Gryffindor Quidditch team (seeker) but being caption was something totality different. Felicity Spinet, the last caption, had just left last term and Vicky had forgotten that there was a vacancy.

After what seemed like hours of parting, Vicky made the excuse that she was tiered and went up stairs to her bedroom. She sat on her bed and looked at her quidditch caption badge. She was just about to put it on her bedside table with her Prefect badge and family photos, witch were waving and winking at her from their frames, when Lily came in. “I knew you weren't tiered.” She said, closing the door and going over to her open trunk. She collected any stray robes or books and stowed them into the trunk before forcefully closing the lid and sitting on it. “What's the matter?” Lily asked her sister, her face full of concern. Vicky wondered weather she should tell her sister or not. After all, it was very petty and what was Lily going to do? She finally made up her mind to say what was bothering her. “What if I'm rubbish? I don't know anything about leadership or bossing people around!” Vicky said, looking at the girl opposite. “You are kidding! You are so good at quidditch and you boss me around all the time!” Lily blurted out, staring at Vicky as if she had said something insulting. “Your right. How could I be so stupid?” Vicky asked, going over to her trunk and checking everything was inside. She shut it with a click  and went to sit next to Lily, who was now sitting on her bed. They hugged tightly and then Vicky said, “Tomorrow! Get a good night sleep and you will be great for tomorrow morning!” She hugged her sister again and tucked her into bed then crossed the room and got into her own bed. She turned onto her side and looked into the smiling faces of her relatives, in the pictures. Please let everything be OK Vicky thought before she fell asleep.

Vicky was awake way before Lily. She looked at the clock on her bedside table. 5:30. Way too early. She tried to get back to sleep but half an hour later she realised it was no good. Vicky got up and packed the last of her things in her school bag and carried her bag and trunk downstairs. She was just finishing her cereal when Albus walked through the door. He sat down next to his sister and  stared down at the floor, his hands clasped in his lap. Vicky put an arm around Albus and hugged him tightly. “Nervous?” She asked, not withdrawing her arm. Albus nodded, still staring at the floor. “Don't be! Your going to be fine! You get to go to Hogsmeade this year. Remember that.” Vicky told the little boy next to her. Albus nodded again, mumbled something about getting his trunk down and rushed out of the room. Vicky shook her head and went back into the kitchen to dump her empty cereal bowl. Suddenly, there was a massive scream that echoed through the otherwise silent house. Vicky rushed upstairs to see what was wrong. She stopped, with the rest of her family, at a door on the second floor. Chloe ran out of the room, covered in black soot. She was gasping for air. Ginny was the first one to be brave enough to go into the room. She let out a high-pitches scream and came running out, dragging a black haired boy with her. James. “What did you think you were doing!” Ginny yelled at the coughing boy in front of her. Vicky had never seen her mum this angry before. She could also see little streaks of black in Ginny's red hair. James mumbled what sounded like a sorry and accepted the full glass of water that his dad was putting under his nose. As they were going downstairs for breakfast, Vicky thought that this was one way to end the summer holidays.

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