First Date

What do you do on your first date? What do you see? Do you wear lippy, eyeliner and fake tan or just keep it to a minimum. This story is all about the first one and how important it is to make the right impression.


1. Getting Ready

You know on your first date it's all really awkward and neither of you know exsactly what you are doing, but then as soon as your about to say somthing about the weather in the most arkward silence that you have experienced in your life, somthing happens and all the nerves melt away like butter.  Then everything comes in at you at once and the feeling gets too strange.  The moment is broken and the the feelings gush away like water.  The only problem with all that is it all has to end ...

   "Hurry up you idiot!!" shouts Michelle from downstairs in the kitchen.  Michelle, my older and prettier friend glares up at me as I straighten my frizzy hair with my faulty straightners.  She was already pristine and pretty, in a lovely white dress which I couldn't fit into even if I tried.  She the slimmest person in the school and does gymnastics every day.  Me being the one who always fails at any sport thrown at me, glares at her from the side lines and envies the group of boys that always hang around the changing room just to see her.  Michelle just ignores them of course and flips her hair at them.  I always wished I had her confidence but unfortunately being the one with no tact at all I had to keep to the shadows. The same glare swept across my face as I saw her snacking on the pringles that were meant to be for later.  Unfortunately she caught the look.

"Don't look at me like that ! It's your fault you take so long and you know I snack when I get bored! Hurry up!"

After dragging my ballet pumps from the dog's unyeilding mouth I hurried into  the living room where I came across my Dad playing psp with Jake and Tom. 

"Dad have you seen my -"

"SHH we'e playing call of duty.  Say whatever you were going to say later. "

But Tom stood up and gawped.  My cheeks reddened as fast as a pair of traffic lights but all he said was "wow".  If my cheeks were red at the beginning of the conversation they were probably scarlett by the time I ran out the room.  I'm lucky that Dad didn't see my dress because he'd probably think it was way too short.


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