The Way Love is meant to be!

this is about the way love is meant to be!


1. The Way Love is meant to be!

Love is like the white dove soaring through the sky,

Love is makes you feel like you justv want to cry,

Love is the red roses you obtain from your lover,

Love is something you are just about to discover.


Love is like the blazing sun, toasting you on a summer's day,

Love is something where you must do more than play.

Love can be soft, as kind as a puppy,

Love can be mean, rougth like the guppy.


Beware of love, it could be a hurtful thing,

You may not think it first, but then you will knowthe pain it brings.

Despite all that it can be quite nice,

Only if the person you spend it with, doesn't have a heart of ice.

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