My Valentine

This is my entry for the valentine competiton.

When Kara meets the strangest boy she has ever met,no matter how hard she tries, she uncovers more and more secrets about him. Is it only to many little secrets she can uncover before it's to late-before she's dragged so far in this world she can't find a way out.Before she's stuck with it for life.
It isn't easy falling in love with a creature that seems to unreal to really exist! Could he ever be her valentine


1. New Begginings


I never understood why we had to move from  the big city of New York,all the way to Colorado,I wasn't ready to leave everything  behind that I loved it was too painful I loved it here ;it was my big apple were I could take chunk after chunk out of it never regretting any of it until now.Why did we have to go? Yes so it included a promotion for Dad,why would he reject, when he could live life up in his idea of a beautiful mountainous summit - Colorado sounds like home! that's what he said.Well if it made him happy then I guess it wasn't so bad,On the other hand it's not like I had the Step-Mother from hell was it now,I'd miss it here (or would I regret that thought)

'Bye room,bye sweet window,bye old curtains,bye lovely bed' I whispered to myself.

I traced my pale fingers across everything I loved saying my final goodbyes, this was it ,but my goodbyes were outlived.

"Kara,Kara hurry up already we have a plane to catch....c' we've got a big day ahead of us"Dad breathed.

"Alright I'm coming. just hold on".I  retorted

So this was it, I could do this - I said my last goodbyes and dragged myself down the battered stairs - my luggage holding me back as I forced it to give up.Claire gave me a big welcoming smile ;this really unnerved me at the least!

"C'mon love it's gonna' be great,Colorado here we come". with that her rustled brush of a hairstyle rose in excitement,maybe she wasn't so bad after all.I took one last look at my reflection in the mirror,my skin glistened faintly,it barely  rised to form even a smirk,my chocolate eyes melted,at the wisp of my mahogany locks,my expression seemed kind of torpid i didn't know what to feel right know.I felt down right malicious to this whole idea of leaving,my face was sculptured - as  if it was never going to move;carved for centuries.

As I stepped out into the salty rain,the scent seemed marvellous i guess I'd have to get used to this,

"Not long now Kara ,you'll absolutely love it". Sue didn't seem ashamed of her words surprisingly!

I bit my tongue back to fight the side of me that wasn't ready to go,as the hours passed the condensation of the trucks windows faded and sun was escaping the shallow horizon.The plane set flight and I was embarking on a whole new adventure.So many different things were running through my mind right now,what was it like ,the people,places

I clutched my overly outworn sweatshirt failing to wisp of into a deep sleep:hopefully like sleeping beauty to wake up some day.

"It'll all get better Kara" Dad patted my shoulder we all knew his emotional side got a down mark.

but I tried to look convincing-even if I wasn't convincing myself.

"Yeah Dad It'll be fine".

We shared another awkward smile together.It only seemed to drag on even further,when oh when would this torment end!

I pursed my lips togeher in hope this would all be over very shortly.

I sighed deeply-trying to bash the thoughts straight out of my solid skull.It would all get better. (or would it only get worse)












































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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