Ode to Elena

This is the poem I am entering for the love competition. I have adopted a paradoxical approach. In the actual poem I focus on the beauty of love and Elena, however as it is an acrostic poem my statement going down reads 'Man I Hate Love'


1. Love!?

Many a soul wonders the Earth alone

All looking for that one thing that makes life 'Complete'

No mercy is shown, only the strong will survive.


am one of the lucky few to experience love.


Her eyes were the definition of 'Blinding'

A smile that would set the passion of any man ablaze 

Together- I always wanted to stay

Every second spent with her was a blessing from the gods.


Life would be incomplete without her by my side

Only she, would seduce my heart and soul in complete devotion

Verses of love songs I would sing to her everyday

Elena, I will love you for all eternity

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