Happy 18th

Thought I'd start with something a bit depressing to get my self on the map.

As for the actual words, its true i have arthritis (Ankylosing Spondylitis)
But in reality I'm pass the depression stage.

As for the rest it's fiction


1. Life

A pathetic excuse for a 18 year OLD

I've got arthritis and my hips have started to E-RODE                                                                                                                            


On my 18th birthday, there was no Party

I just played games with my little sister... Barbie



Only once, i tried to drink and Smoke

That sin, my parents have now decided to Revoke


They try to force me to embrace Religion and God

But I'm one of the few that can see pass the Churches Facade



These are my expierences over the last few Weeks

Shared them all with my family of sick Creeps


So far i've managed to keep these events all Clean

But to the rest of you, have a F***ing great 18th




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