heart in heart, between the sand

to You,
foralways You.


1. Insatiably

Our bodies lying along the shore,
shattered by the sea;
we’d be laughing, laughing
at a seagull;
at the foam;
at a bruised shell;
at the pebbles’ wedding;
at how much we’re in love.
we’d be laughing;
the Giant laughing at us,
her waves chuckling through
the cliffs’ flux;
our skin moist;
(but Heart’s a drier –
it’d scorch it proudly)
we’d be comparing the Moon
to Your head –
i’d say it’s greater than she is,
i’d be laughing at You
and how much You know;
You’d be laughing at me,
for i’d be painted with light and clouds;
the waiter’d be late,
so we’d be scandalizing
Italianly –
“ma perchè, ma perchè?”;
we’d be talking
the whales’ language
around the starveling fishermen;
You’d be camouflaged as a trawl,
catching for Dad the fishest fishes;
i’d pretend to be a mermaid
bringing Mom coffee
from the bottom of the sea,
to have and to drink
for the rest of her
coffee-lover-mother lives;
we’d be kissing
til insatiability,
and then we’d start it all over;
we’d be loving
til we fall for Love,
and then we’d start it all over…
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