See You Again

(On Hold Temporarily)
Rachel is a young, independent, adult, out on her own in the world. One afternoon, she's sunbathing on the beach in her new hometown, when she meets a handsome young man. Sparks fly instantly, and they spend dinner in a restaurant. He follows her from the taxi home, and they share a bottle of wine, before Rachel falls asleep. When she wakes up, he is gone.

"Will I See You Again?"


1. Gone

Rachel smiled up at the sun, glad she had left her parents for a lfie of freedom, late nights, and most of all, ice cream. If there was one thing she loved the most, it was ice cream. One exception, perhaps, was that one true love. Even now as an adult, she longed to be in the shoes of a character from a fairytale, a happy ending being all she was destined for. But as she had been told time and time again, life was not a fairytale. Still, she could wish it was.


The sun beat down on her already tanned skin, and she adjusted her position on the towel. Nobody else was on the beach, and her only company was the rush of the waves. She gave a contented sigh. Then she heard a cough, a loud, deep cough. One that could only belong to a man. She turned slowly round, and found herself looking into the soft, brown eyes of the man, with her own green ones. Her heart melted there and then. He smiled kindly and offered her a hand, she took it and stood up, trying to hide her amazment at how soft his skin was, and how warm that hand was.

"Hello." She said. "I'm Rachel." It was all she could say.

"Nice to meet you Rachel." He replied in a deep, comforting voice. There was a long awkward silence, then he spoke again. "Have you eaten?"

"No, I haven't actually, why, were you planning on eating now?" Uttered Rachel nervously.

"Well, I heard there's a wonderful restaurant just up there. What do you say?" Asked the young man as he gestured toward the clifftop. Rachel nodded and stuffed her things into her bag, following him all the way to the doors of the building. Suprisingly, he pulled back the door, and she strolled inside, taking in the scenery.


The scent of the food was enough, but the decor, and the friendly atmosphere just made the room even more welcoming. They took a seat at the nearest table and took orders. The rest of the meal passed in silence, and the handsome young man ordered a taxi. The taxi took them to Rachel's hosue first, she payed the driver, and allowed the man to come with her. Inside, they shared a bottle of white wine she had been saving for some special occassion. Rachel began to feel drowsy, her eyelids heavy, she drifted off into a peaceful slumber.


When she awoke in the morning, the front room was empty apart from her, curled up in her armchair. No wine. No handsome man. She bit her lip to stop her from crying, despite the fact nobody was watching. Her handsome prince was gone.

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