Shattered Glass

This is my first story here, so let me know if I'm doing anything wrong, and if you think it's any good.

Beth Hanson lives with her four sisters, Maria, Jennifer, Christina, and Lauren. Beth is the youngest, and although, unlike her sisters, she doesn't quite live up to her parents' expectations, she is happy. One day, the perfect image of her life is shattered like glass, as a terrifying ship wreck tears apart her family for good...


1. Mirror, Mirror on the wall, why do you break when I need you most of all?

Beth wrinkled her nose as the scent of salty sea air circled her. She peered over the side of the deck the great expanse of water and dock below, listening to the gentle whoosh of the waves as she attempted to block out her four sisters' excited giggles. Her tangled brown-golden hair blew in the wind, and she didn't need to brush it aside to know her parents, and her four siblings Maria, Jennifer, Christina, and Lauren, were behind her, shuffling into their cabin on the 'USS Christian'. She honestly didn't know why they had to go to all this trouble and get on a giant, overlarge tub like this ferry, she would have easily settled for a small fishing boat in good shape to take them over to the island where this big ball was taking place. But no, everything had to be grand, especially for her sisters.


Beth had never particularily taken to all this grandeur, she was always the odd one out. Whenever they went in a dress shop, the other four girls would rush forward, selecting the most expensive dresses possible, however Beth Hanson was a little more...shy. Money was not of concern to her, it was love and friendship that was the true currency in her world, but she had very little of this, which left her sadly, and shamefully poor.


She sighed and started towards the door of the cabin, when suddenly, the wooden planks swayed beneath her. She shivered and brished it off, continuing her journey. But there it was again, this time longer and more violent, forcing her to slide backwards and grip onto the railings. She stole a glance down at the water depths of the ocean. Water was thrashing about wildly, as if waiting to swallow it's next victim. She gulped and clung harder to the metal as another shudder washed over the boat. Screams had began to erupt from below deck, panic had taken over the ship, and in no time, an abandon ship was called.


Beth looked around and realised she was seperated from her family, people rushing about everywhere, passengers demanding to be transported off the ship, staff failing to control the crowds. Bodies pressed against her own, the young girl was edging further and further over the rail. Her feet slid from their position, her only support now was the metal bar above her, to which she was clinging on desperately. Tears stung her eyes from effort, and her hand slipped from the railings. Wind whipped her hair as she fell hard and fast, whether it was to her death or not, she did not know...

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