A Little Morbid

A series of unrelated, super short pieces on death. I'm not always this morbid and creepy, but this is just the way it turned out, I guess.

You've been warned - they are super short.


1. death by sickness

He died in a hospital, as many do. The woman in the bed facing his was the first to notice. Her eyes lingered on his heart monitor which was proclaiming an apathetic zero. Oxygen was still mechanically pumping wasted oxygen into the still body. She didn’t hold too much sympathy for him; he had been dying for a long time, and was quite old. He had lived enough. The man was a stranger, in any case. The attention of a nurse passing by was caught by the woman, who nodded at the man.

“Dead,” she told the nurse, and so he was.

The nurse suppressed a gasp, and walked over to the bed, staring at the leathery-skinned human. She was quickly shoved away by a haughty doctor who marched into the unit and scribbled a few short words on an important plastic clipboard. He gave a listless, curt nod to the nurse. She lifted the white sheet up and placed it over his head.

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