The Fall

Falling is the most painful thing that can happen to you. When it happens you have no recollection of your previous state or anything in particular. You have to discover life and people anew, no easy feat.


1. Unknown

The first thing I remember is pain. Hot searing pain. All over my body. It feels as though my skin is being scraped away. just as I think I can take no more, it intensifies. I try to cry out but find I have no voice to cry with. The pain centres on my shoulder blades, burning hotter than the sun. I can sense nothing but pain, not even a sense of being.

Sound reaches me. I hear air rushing past me. I am almost deafened by the sound. This noise tells me I am falling. I know not where I am falling from, nor where I will land.  I have no way of knowing how long the fall lasts, it feels endless.

Eventually, thankfully, the fall ends. I crash onto something hard. Pain explodes in places I never knew could hurt, deep within myself. I lay motionless, unaware of how to work this new body, for countless moments.

Slowly I become aware of my surroundings. I can feel cracked hardness beneath me and I know my body is bare. It is cold, so very cold. I cannot remember ever feeling cold before. My muscles are too exhausted to shiver. A slight breeze brushes something soft, so very soft, against my face. It tickles. Overly sweet smells attack my nose. It reminds me of rotting and what I can only assume is defecation. I hear distant sounds of fast moving objects, displacing the air around them with a whirr sound. For some reason this amuses me, but I do not know how to express it. Far-off mumblings alert me to the presence of other living things. A slow, soft, repetative pounding draws nearer as the sound of mumbling grows louder. Before I know it, the mumbling sounds above me and the pounding is gone. I don't understand the noise or know its source. Shadows envelop me and a shiver runs down my sching spine. I grow colder as warmness touches my neck. I realise I have a beating in my chest. It speeds at the touch as what I later realise is fear fill me.

Another mumble sounds near-by, louder than the first. It almost sounds angry. The warmth at my neck disappears and the darkness over me birghtens. Then I am hot, far too hot. It is almost painful. I writhe, my discomfort overcoming my exhaustion. The angry mumble becomes a shout and the first mumble joins it. Then the surface beneath me begins to rumble with such force it feels as though it is being torn apart.

Next thing, all falls silent and an eerie silence settles. My muscles begin to ache with the need to do... something. I try moving slightly to aliviate this ache, it does not help. When my skin begins to shift I realise what the ache is. My blood is seething like a cauldron, boiling away in my veins. I push the feeling away, too scared to face this particular unknown. This causes tremendous pain to blossom throughout my body, especially in my joints.

Two thick lines of surprising heat wrap around me. The hard surface falls away beneath me as the lines thicken. My body presses against a strange warmth and my head drops into a smooth curve. The air around me shifts as though I am moving again but the heat next to me is constant. My whole body sways to a phytmic beat in time with the heat beside me. I feel my whole body relax and the aching need to shift leaves my muscles. Then a sound begins to register, a soft crunching in time with the rhythmic sway of the heat. More questions than I can make sense of run through my mind as I drop into a blissful yet shallow abyss.

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