The Angels Teardrop

Peter could not of dreamed for a better life, but something was about to change his life forever and leave him hanging in the mists of love


1. The Harmony Feather

The Moonlit sky filled the whole of London, Petter lay on his bed, his hair sliked back and his eyes as blue as a river his normal sixteen year old look gleamed of his face and normal teenager if you would consider a teenager normal he was thinking of a lot of things that night, Valentines Day was coming up and he had got this one card a couple of days ago no name and no recognisable handwriting although at the bottom of it their was a little figure a small heart with angels wings attatched Peter thought it was quit beautiful. Cars swayed past the house like a chettah catching up to its prey it was always a busy night that was one of the things he hated about living in london but at least it was a private street he always thought locked away from the rest of the world just like his thoughts. Nothing to him could compare to locking yourself away in your room it makes you less sad. He was slwoly drifting of to sleep when he heard a noise from the back of the house he sprinted straight up and got an enormous head rush but he was so occupied by what was out there that he hardly noticed he quickly riped the curtains apart and looked left and right for any signs of movement, in the corner of his eye something moved a wing of some sort flew behind the bushes and was then gone out of sight but Peter didnt miss a thing so it soon caught his attention; one feather about the size of a seaguls fell to the floor and created a tiny harmony to the pavement like a birdsong. Peter was very surpirsed "Feathers dont make a noise" he exclaimed to himself "There silent"; suddenly the door went and peter as fast as a lightining bolt ran to his bed and slammed his eyes shut, his father walked in broad as ever with a big thick black beard and shaggy hair he stormed into the room and looked to the bed Peter lay their as still as possible to make his father think he was asleep he soon walked out and peter was free to explore the window again but he had another idea up his sleeve to climb out!

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