Raining Where the Sky is Blue

The loss of love after a breakdown of a relationship, with a positive note at the end.


1. Raining Where the Sky is Blue

I try my best to fight it,
but my eyes drop down to the floor,
I stare solemnly in to the distance,
a thing I’ve seldom done before.

The smile on my face is false,
the sorrow in my body an affliction,
it’s raining where the sky is blue,
my heart and my head a contradiction.

I see her looking from the corner of my eye,
but I dare not catch her gaze,
my mind flicks back to memories,
memories of the good old days.

Like tears they drop on the window,
the rain falls softly from the sky,
the pain I feel I conceal,
hoping no one sees the look in my eye.

The harder I try to remember them,
the further the memories slip away,
like a dream from which you’ve awoken;
you remember it less each day.

Yet it’s futile trying to regain them,
with no chance they’d ever be the same,
the fact I share my pain worsens the burden,
and I feel I myself am to blame.

I try not to think ‘if only’,
and instead look into the distance,
to move on with my head held high,
suppressing the constant resistance.

I go outside and peer up into the air,
it’s raining where the sky is blue,
yet a small smile makes its way to my face,
as behind a cloud the sun peeps through.

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