Nothing I Can Say

A short poem about unrequited love, and self-harm.


1. Nothing I Can Say

The cuts on her wrist I attempt to ignore,
but each time I see them it hurts a little more,
the work of a knife through pure desperation,
my heart and my mind so fraught with frustration.

My kind words are futile and hollow,
my advice she never did follow,
it doesn’t stop me trying, it doesn’t stop her crying,
and her body it aches with the sorrow.

I wish it was me you needed,
to get you through the day,
I wish it was me you needed,
but there’s nothing I can say.

Tears mix with the ink on the note,
the note she left for her mother,
how she didn’t have enough strength to go on,
and how she thought of me as her brother.

The pills are scattered across her bed,
the light off and the door locked shut,
eyes sore from the torrent of tears,
knife pressed to her skin to cut.

Music plays in the background,
to hide the sound of the crying,
her mother shouts ‘its tea time’,
unaware that her daughter is dying.

I wish it was me you needed,
that my love was not unrequited,
your sadness overcomes you,
you let go and stop trying to fight it.

Alone her life ends in her bedroom,
her parents wonder what they did wrong,
an innocent life filled with heartache,
and with her last breath ends her song.
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