Our Gateway

A story about boy meets girl, and how they shared a kiss at a gateway to a factory and shared their whole life together.


1. The Meeting

Jesse was waiting, waiting by a gate that he always met his best friend Niamph, she came walking up to him dark hair curled and wearing a dress that went just over her knees. He smiled as he saw her walking towards him, she walked right over her smile matching her bright blue eyes as she hugged him.

"Hey Jess" she chirped happily.

"Hey Nievey" he replied smiling as she giggled, they stopped hugging and they sat down by the gateway to the chocolate factory, they enjoyed sitting there and just talking taking in the sweet scent of the chocolate. They waited for a few minutes and Jesse looked at Niamph and smiled at her widely.

"What are you smiling at you moron?" she asked teasing him.

"Niamph, I like you I like you very much, so will you go out with me?" he asked her confidently like he had rehearsed it. She nodded and hugged him tightly, they hugged for a moment and then she kissed him, it was just spur of the moment, she could hear fireworks in her mind and she smiled and she indulged in his sweet lips.

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