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A story I made at Youtube. =)
I hope you like it!



7. Awkward

At the biebers.


MrsB: Maybe but that doesn't mean that she wants to kiss him.

D: Well I know that she wants to!

MrsB: how do you know?

D: Because she told me!

S: What?! I never told you!

D: No Selena. But I'm not stupid!

S: *Looks at the floor.*

JB: *Looks at Selena*

D: Selena, can I talk to you?

S: Sure *follows Demi* Whats up?

D: Why didn't you kiss him?

S: Because its awkward when your mom is in the room...

D: But you want to kiss him?

S: *shy smile* Yeah a little.

D: Okay. Stay here *Smiles and leaves*

S: oh okay..

D: *Comes in the room with Justin* Here you go.

S: Demi!!

D: What? You said that you wanted to kiss him just not in front off our mother!

JB: *Looks down and smiles*

S: Don't you think this is awkward?

D: Nope why? Do you want me to go?

S: Demi just. *gets interrupted*

D: I get a hint *leaves*

S: OMG! *Laughs a little.*

JB: I know. * Smiles*

S: She forgave us!

JB: I know its awesome!

S: So Justin? *Smiles*

JB: So Selena?

S: *Walks to Justin*

JB: *Just stands there*

S: What do you think?

JB: I think that it was really awkward in the kitchen and that I love you. *Smiles at Selena*

S: It's like you read my mind. *Smiles and moves closer to justin*

JB: Really? *Thinks and realizes something* So you love me too?? *Smiles big*

S: *Smiles and kisses Justin*

JB: *Kisses back*

D: *Comes back* There you go!

S: *Pulls away and smiles at Demi*

D: No no keep going I'll leave again if you want me to.

S: *Goes to Demi and hugs her*

D: *Hugs back* thank god! a second I just thought that you were gonna kiss me! Haha!

S: Well if you want a kiss *Leans in*

D: Haha No no! Kiss Justin instead.

JB: *Smiles*

S: okay. *Goes to Justin and kisses him*

JB: *Kisses back*

MrsB: *Comes in* you were right Demi!

S: *about to pull away*

JB: *Keeps kissing Selena*

S: *Kisses back*

D: Mom! Shh they don't like to get interrupted!

MrsB: Okay. Then I'll just leave you kids alone! *Goes to the kitchen.*

S: *Pulls away and smiles at Justin*

JB: *Smiles*

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