My life is a drag. every day is boring and normal. I go to school, get home, do my homework, well I do everything my parents tell me to, or expect me to do. I don't believe in love either, that's just ridiculous, stupid. I hate it, why do I even live this way. Why don't I just do something about it, but I know why deep inside of me, I do know it, it's because I don' want to disappoint my parents, my teachers, my family. I'm practically just a doll, who does everything anyone tells me to do, because I can't stand up for myself. It’s such a drag.

Follow Kately in her story to discover a new side of the world when she discovers that she is more special than she thinks, and when she meets the mysterious new guy that no one knows anything about, the guy who will open her eyes and see the world in another perspective


1. Chapter 1

"Kately, you have to get up now, or you will be late for school," my mom yelled at me. i stood up, and put my clothes on. I looked in the mirror, and saw a young beautiful girl. She had long silver hair, that shined beautifully in the newly born sunlight, her eyes were brown with a slightly silver contrast in them, they shone beautifully, like a gem stone, she had pale skin that looked like it would break if touched, her face were so beautiful, she had a perfect nose, perfect lips, everything about her was perfect.
That girl was me, but I’m not as perfect, as I look, no, I’m the opposite of perfect, I am just like a doll, who does everything I’m told to do. Everyone in class, thinks that I’m perfect, I’m good at studies, I do my homework, I’m beautiful, and so on, but no, deep inside of me, I want something else, I want a life, like no other, I want action, I want to live, I want to live, like I always wanted to do, a life without homework, without school, and last of all, a life without the word perfect.

I was walking towards the school, in deep thoughts. I didn't realize were I was walking, so I was surprised, when I bumped into someone. I looked op. "Oh sorry I didn't see you," I said. Before me, stood a really hot guy, he had short black hair, and an unusual dark purple eye color, he was muscular, and really tall. "Oh it doesn't matter," he said, and smiled nicely. "My name is Shayne, I’m new here," he said, with a nice and charming voice. I smiled, like I’d always done, when someone talked to me, and answered as nice as i could: "Oh, my name is Kately, welcome to our town and school." I smiled, but inside of me, I was irritated, 'why do we have to get a new boy at school, the teachers will probably get me to show him around the school.' I thought

I was right, the teachers had me to show him around the school. I did my best, without saying or doing anything mean to him, even though he irritated me so much, he always stared at me, with such intensity, that it would drive me crazy, if it wasn't for my patience. I just showed him around, and answered all his questions, with a nice and charming voice. Again, he did it again, he stared at me for some reason, and i knew, somehow that it wasn't for my beauty, but something else. I looked at him, and finally i lost my temper, he was driving me crazy. "What, what is it, why are you starring at me like that," I said. My voice was no longer charming or nice, it sounded irritated, angry. I realized what i had said, and quickly, i said "Oh sorry, i didn't want to yell at you or anything." He just looked at me, with a big smile on his face, and when he began to laugh. i looked terrified at him. "What’s so funny" I yelled. He looked at me, and began to laugh even more, i was panicking, so without realizing it, I hit him as hard as i could, with my bare hands, in his stomach, he stopped laughing, but he didn't even flinch, he just looked seriously at me. "You now, you don't have to be fake, in front of me, just be yourself" he said, with a serious voice, and smiled. I was shocked, how could he know that this wasn't the real me.
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