Unspoken secrets

Our secret is nearly reveald. We haft to leave now. The burden of takeing another living persons life is to big to bear. How do you live. You are a killer. A murder committed buy YOUR hands and all you do is run away. Run from the secrets you lock in a chest in you mind. But when the chest is forced open you cant cope. You start to die inside


1. ~I suck~

My name is Isey. It's probably the only thing i like about myself. I am punk. The way i dress keeps away people i don't want to talk to. Then they leave me alone when they see me. My hair is Marine blue by birth and so are my eyes. I was in the news for it when i was a baby. I'm seventeen now and i live with my dad. My mom is a hooker and she left my dad after i was born. I have visited her a few times but not very often. She knows she's a bad mother and when she has enough money she gets me something. She tries to buy her way to my heart but it never works. But sometimes it's nice to visit her. Get away from dad and my crazy mixed up world. You see i have a secret. It's never been told. But everyone has secrets why should mine be any different? Well thats the problem. Mine is different and it defines me. I made me who i am, its made me the cold, heartless being i am today.

It's raining, again. But still i had to walk to school. I put on my big high boots for the mud and began walking. I did'nt eat breakfast i was on my punish myself diet. I did that every time i realy thought about what i did three years ago. The mud squished under my feet every step i took. It was slippery and i kept slipping. Idiot why can't i walk in a straight line without slipping?I hate my balance it sucks! I kept trying to walk straight but it ended in failure. Until i finally got to school.

My favorite class was Latin. The thought of a dead languege intrigued me. I think it reminds me of myself, i'm dead too. I was walkin towards Latin class when i accidenatlly bumped into a guy in the same class. I didn't look up i just stayed in the charakter i had built up all these years. Instead of saying sorry like i usually would i said "Watch it!" My voice tough but something told me he didn't buy it. I kept my head down and walking in quick steps. I heard his muffled laughter behind me. When i got into the boring white class room Sat down in the back he was sitting in the front. Completely nostalgic towards me. For once i found it hard to concantrate in Latin.

The bell rang and i forced myself to walk behind him instead of just racing by hoping he wouldent see me. When i got to the cafateria i met my only freind. Haven. She was the only one i could relate to. Maybe because she was in on the secret. Correction we where in on the secret us together. She had the same style as me. Her hair was red by birth and her eyes green. She was beutiful, but she didn't want to think so. 

We sat together by our usual table in the back. Where nobody walked buy. "So how was class you look more pale than usual?" She noted smiling. Sha was always joking about my pale skin. Sometimes it was funny and sometimes it was just annoying. "I don't know. I walked into some guy total wierdo. More than the others i think maybe he's punk to. Ya know him?" I asked. I have never seen him before. Then just when i metioned him he walked into the cafeteria didn't know where to sit. "Him?" She pointed at him. I nodded. "He's the new guy. Yeah he's also punk looks rockin hot. Not like we could date him but i think he's comeing over here.  She nodded towards him. "Oh god." I looked down at my table. This was going to go wrong!



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