One Direction in Denmark

A fanficabout One Direction in Denmark :)


1. #OneDirectionDenmark

It was winter and we wanted to trend #OneDirectionDenmark again but this time when they was online. We saw that Liam wrote "Ello, I'll be back in about 15 minuttes" and then we saw our change. We started to trend it and get all our followers to help us. And then it trended after about 10 minuttes. Now we just needed to keep it a worldwide trend for 5 minuttes so we told our followers to keep trend. Then Liam wrote "I'm back I can see #OneDirectiondenmark trend worldwide so danish directioners we're going to Denmark the February 20". We screamed and cried and was so happy and couldn't wait for February 20. Then all the other boys tweeted about that they were going to Denmark soon and that you could buy our tickets February 1. And of course we buyed all our tickets. Everyone was going to the concert and we were so happy.

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