It was hard for Abigail not knowing why she had a mother but as she grew older she set out to find the truth.


1. 1

I could feel her presence as she touched me and held me in her arms the warmness and the faint sweet smell.

I woke up with a start feeling an emptiness which I could not understand why I had.

My heart pounded and I felt mournful but I was confused I had nothing to mourn over?

This had happened before a number of times but it was a thing I couldn't get my head around, I shook it off and got changed into my junior school uniform.

I went to st Marks primary now  in year 6 and soon moving on to the secondary school of st Marks senior school where everyone would look up to me!


My life had been good so far I'm quite popular and adults always treat me with affection but its weird because they look at me like they feel sorry for me but whats there to feel sorry about I mean I'm just a normal girl with a normal life.

I live with my Dad just me and him. I was told that my Mum had left for another man just after I was born and left me with my Dad for him to look after me. My Dad never struggled with me and I am always on my best behaviour so I am manageable.


I never get jealous of the other children in my class that have both parents and my best friend Luke also has no Mum either. His Mum died when he was 5 to a serious case of Leukimia. Luke never gets upset about it he says he didn't get to know his Mum so there isn't much to miss and she is in a better place.

I live life like everyday is my last and have as much fun as I can. 


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