The Voice

Holly has a secret but how is she going to keep it a secret forever she knows how strong she feels about it but what would happen if she told anyone will she risk it?


1. My Life begins

Its starts quite simply. I started Secondary School.

I know it sounds same old same old but no, this school was nothing like any other that I had visited it had a strange feeling about it like I was destined to start there.

Of course if any normal person felt like that they would of steered way clear of it, but me being me, my curiosity got the better of me and I had to sign up. I wish I hadn't now. 


The last summer of true freedom I had for a while went by in a whirl. I wasn't the sort of person who missed 'friends', the people from my old school didn't count as 'friends', one minute they would be loyal to you, the next they would just forget everything you told them, and as for secrets, well what much is there to keep?


I am alot maturer for my age and no, I dont mean Boyfriends, I mean responsibilities. I have never had a boyfriend and I'm not so much as interested in boys. Holly Don't speak so fast you shouldn't predict your future you might regret it.

Oh yeh one thing I forgot to tell you I have a 'problem' I can hear voices in my head and sometimes I don't know whether its me saying that or 'The Voice' but that, thats no secret no, not at all.


My proper secret appeared much, much later in my secondary school life....

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