My Writing Story

I share my writing story about how I arrived at the stage I'm at.


1. My Writing Story

Hello there. In this short piece I shall tell you the story of myself. Not every detail you understand as that would be rather dull and considerably longer, though not as long as you might think. This is the story of me as a writer. 

It must have begun with me learning to read and write, though I can't say I remember this very much. Or even at all. But learn I did and I was brought up with books all over the place. My father used to read to me every night and my first experience of fantastic series like Harry Potter began in this form. As a trainee teacher I've been told that reading helps development in writing, though I didn't need to be told that. It was evident that a large part of why I can write reasonably well was because I have always read widely and continue to do so now. Even if you never have read very much I reccommend you begin to do so and you'll be amazed how much of a difference it will make to your writing. 

My first "good" peice came at some point in primary school, when I was about seven or eight. We were tasked with writing a peice about excuses and it took the form of the teacher asking a question and a child responding with an excuse. It was supposed to be written with a touch of humour and mine certainly achieved that goal. To this day I'm not sure I have made a teacher laugh so hysterically, especially because of something I'd written rather than said. In my writing when asked where his homework was my character said that he ate it. This led to further investigation and the reason for it's consumption was because the boy thought it was a biscuit. Queue the rest of the piece on a similar theme, with PE kits being in the biscuit tin and the boy's optician being blind. This was the point in my life where I realised that I could write quite well.

Whizz forward two or three years and I was writing a silly series of stories featuring Jack Sizzle. I would write a few pages in an old exercise book and have my friend read them in the car on the way to school each morning. He would laugh and I would be very pleased with myself. The saga featuring this character and his assorted gang consisting of a leprechaun, a dog called Rocket, Tim the vampire and many more went on for some years, until it ended dramtically with the death of most of the characters. In my mind then the story didn't end until the main character was dead.

I continued to write various short stories and even the occasional poem but one day a few years back I started a blog. It began as just a few bullet points of what I'd done each day and eventually developed into what it is today. Now the friendly, at least I like to think so, style you read here sees me tell of the more exciting things in my life and somedays I post silly things and other I review. It's my blog and I can do whatever I like with it and that's wondeful. And this must have worked because I've developed quite a following. I'm not exactly internet-famous but I've got a fair few people that read my blog every day and it's wonderful. 

Blogging is a great way to practice writing and getting ideas is fairly easy as you can just write about what you did each day if nothing else comes to mind. It's also a great way to test out what people think of what you've written and you can post articles or even stories and get a response on them. It's whatever you make it. 

So there you go, as promised that was my writing story. You can read the previously mentioned blog at and if you do I'll give you a big hug (it will have to be a virtual hug though!). As well as this I'm very slowing working on a fantasy novel but it's slow-going and will be a long time away from being published. But it was the great feedback from my blog that made me more keen to write it. 

Thank you very much for reading this and I hope you liked it!

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