Secret Passage

A gate has been opened...


1. Passage One

There was a boy named Jack, who had 2 brothers who always picked on him. But one day, Jack opens up his closet and he enters another world. In that world his brothers are really nice to him, until a witch comes along and puts a spell on his brothers to make them pick on him again. One nice day the witch gave the 2 brothers commands to humiliate Jack in front of everybody. When Jack was at school, his brothers got him to step foot on the assembly stage, and his brothers told every little ebaracing thing about him. Jack got off the stage, ran back to his house, went to his closet and steped through. 

As quick has a flash, Jack was back in to his real world. He went to his brothers and huged and huged them and would not stop. And his brothers did not remember a single of what happened an hour ago. So that means when he steped through the closet again, it worked.

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