Powerful Element

Yes, I know that water is not an element, but if you refer to the four elements of the earth, then water is one of those! I wrote this poem when I suddenly realised the importance of water and how we use it everyday in our lives; there are lots of people out there who don't have access to safe water. I'm fortunate to live in a country where all you have to do is turn a tap on.


1. Powerful Element

Almost three quarters/

zero point seven/

seventy percent

smoothers our precious planet.



silently, gently

gathers upon the

world's thin crust.

Hail hammers happily;

harming human lives.

Sleet swooshes

creating dull slush.

Rain commonly washes

away all things;

violently or gently.


Over one quarter/

zero point three/

thirty percent

is swept by weeping waves.

Terrifying tsunamis,

Collected by tornadoes.

The harsh sound

of a flood scorches

my heart.


How fragile our source is:

Quenches our thirst

Maintains hygienic living.

Continues our fun and pleasure.

Mothers nature.

Allows our senses.

Prevents its fellow element.


H2O - hydrogen and oxygen.

Discovered in all matters of state.





Carefree with no emotions.


Scary how it seems.

Most people are scarce.

Droughts devastating land.

Dehydration among the poor.

Plentiful for the fortunate/

Lacking for poverty.


Upon I see

my own reflection.

Calm tranquility

as a leaf gently lands,

forming small ripples.

A fresh feeling as it

trinkles past me.


Water is either

good or evil/

peaceful or frightening.

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