Paws for thought with a furry friend


1. Early Days

I was a rescue kitten and spent the first few weeks of my life in a sanctuary.  My humans visited me when I was nearly ready for homing and brought me a present - a small red t-shirt.  I overheard my foster mum and my dad-to-be talking about football.  Foster mum was a "Spirite" who supported Chesterfield and dad was a Mansfield fan or "Stag" - their arch enemies.  I'd been brought up to support the "wrong" team - would this put them off?

It seemed not, for a couple of weeks later, I noticed several sets of humans around our pen.  One by one my brothers and sisters were handed over to these humans and then suddenly it was my turn.  Foster mum gave me a final kiss and put me in the carrying basket with the red t-shirt, by now covered in fluff and bits "You can wear that for school tomorrow", said foster mum to the small human, with a wry grin. 

And so it was that I came to live on the edge of Clowne.  Now my interests include bird watching, mouse chasing and occasional "catrobatics" on the tree near the greenhouse.  There are occasional stand-offs with the cat next door and the odd night on the tiles.

I hope you'll enjoy reading about my adventures, and if you enjoy reading this, you'll love my blog too (it's at and has many photos of me as well as reports on what I've been doing.


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