Letter To My Dead Love


1. First Letter


I always thought you would always be mine

Alas, another year has passed without thy love

Fine memories of our days together still fresh as sea pine

Getting sweeter with time, like wine

My heart continues to wonder what crime I did to lose such a dime


Why did you have to go back from whence you came my love?

Ashes to ashes

Dust to dust

The words that thrust upon me a nightmare

And once again I had to count down to the new year alone

As all thy mates kept telling me to move on

But my heart is too livid and tone


Vivid I remember that day

White and pale thy body lay still

Hair with lovely curls like the princess that you were

A burial befitting a queen or her heir

With two coins placed on thine eyes of gold

One showing the head

The other the tail

And all the fine times together flashed before me like a fairytale


Tears ran one after the other

As I prayed for one last kiss

To send you off to eternal peace

Please come back to me if you may

Or send a letter in answer

Your love,


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