W.I. Shadows hour

Alfie Foxpetal has been recruited to the Wizadery Intelligence organisation. He is ready for his first mission but things are not what they seem.
Shadow a feared man is returning.
Equipped with a Tritus I49 Alfie must face Shadow


1. Messages

 Alfie Foxpetal walks into the orphanage.He has arrived from school.As he looked down from his bag, he realises he fogot to bring back his Samsung Galaxy Nexus.But there it was sitting right on the reception table,which had a musty stench to it,shimmering in front of his eyes.

 Alfies parents had been stabbed to death by a teenage man , when they had been going out to a private meeting.Alfie  was 1 at that time and could mearly remember them. His phone viberated,but it was it useal noise it mad e it seemed like a deafening screech mining in his ears.

 It spoke the word:

                                                                 YOU HAVE 1 NEW MESSAGE



  Anonymous? Who were these people?

 And what do they want?

 Mrs charlton appeared from her desk, whom Alfie detested, grinning.She peered over Alfie shoulder to see what he was doing. Alfie jolted. he could feel attention was holding his shoulder. Hatred boiled up in his head,you couldn't let a random person sneek into your property.''Hello, good afternoon'',Alfie felt really enmbarresed saying this as a twelve year old the other orphans had been bidden to do this. Charlton was involateraly flicking her mousy hair.

 'Oh right, thank you, you may go to your room.She took the key out and unlocked his room,stroking her hairy chin sucpicously. Alfie played Angry Birds that night he liked it a lot but messages shredded the playing experience.Anonymous

What sort of person would you give that name; a spy , a killer a extra terestial. 

Please bring any human device. They are aliens!

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