The day i told him

millie's pregnant but not with Simon , her newly wed husbands baby but with Rons'
she knew she shouldn't have done it but managed to givin to temptation.
will simon forgive her?
Will she loose her saviour?
will Ron ever find out?
Millie better hurry up before things get out of hand<3

hope you enjoy it<3


1. The Waiting

How can i tell him? When would it ever be the right time? She kept asking herself these questions over and over again. But deep down she knew ,there will never be a right time. She  just had to let it out. Atleast that way she'd know. 6pm he'll be here soon. Sitting down on the couch she started making her way through some magazines trying to draw her attention to something other than waiting. 

I mean, i didn't mean too... it was an accident. How could i have been so stupid! If it wasn't for this thing inside of me , i would have killed myself by now. Her mind kept drifting, all she could see of the magazine was the different colours swirling in a rush and the writing in a messy blurr. 6.15pm. Come on just a bit longer and it will be time. She just realised the faster the time goes like she wanted it the closer she would become to telling him! 

The doorbell rang, and she started making her way toward the door. The large oak planks of wood made a loud creeks as she walked passed. The picture hangeing on the beige colured walls looked as if it was stareing at her waiting till she  make a mistake. She shook her head and continued towards the door.

Nothing to loose people say... 

I'm playing this one with everything to loose.


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