Ever Wondered?

A story about a young woman, with an odd name trying to make it.


1. Grape Dillon (no middle name)

Have you ever cried so hard that your pupils shrink to the size of pin heads and it hurts to look into light? Grape had and was. The reason she was feeling like this, wasn't anything to do with her ridiculous name. As ridiculous as it was, she liked it. She hated it at secondary school, for obvious reasons, but now...now it was endearing. There aren't many adults who don't take a second look and then pull 'that face', but on the contrary there aren't that many adults who have the guts to repeat any of the childish names/phrases which she'd heard all too many times before. This made it unique and impactful.


Anyway... this is beside the point. Grape wasn't upset about her name, her date of birth or anything that she knew she couldn't control. Grape was crying because she was trying (and failing) to control things that she thought she could, but couldn't. This might sound complicated, in fact it is, but here's an example to help. A boyfriend. Grape might desperately want a boyfriend, could she control whether she got one? No, because a relationship is made up of two people, but she damn well tried to get one. Not in a desperate way. Grape was not the 'desperate' type, in fact far from it. Grape was suave, sophisticated and lonely. As sad as it is, Grape is and always has been too suave, sophisticated and self reliant, to the point it repelled any sign of a relationship. Grape was untouchable.


So, untouchable Grape could have been feeling very low about the absence of a boyfriend, hence the very sore eyes and now banging headache, except she wasn't. Not directly. Her life, to an objective and distant colleague might have seemed rather good. Perfect maybe not, the unenviable 'untouchable' persona of Grape seeped from her immediately, but as a by-stander nothing to get this upset about. As unluckiness has it though, Grape had let all of the things which she wanted to control but couldn't, subside to her emotional head-battle. The head won and took the heart crashing into oblivion with it. It had all got a bit too much, the punctured car tyre, the absence of a man to be able to fix it and now the tomato stained couch, third world hunger - it was all too much. With no-one to mop her tears and hold her in their arms whilst she completely blew everything out of proportion, she was sat, crossed-legged, in the middle of the laminated living room floor, sobbing.

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