Justin Bieber One-Shots

1. You're My Everything
2. Derek Bieber
3. Now and Forever


3. Now and Forever.


I took hold of Selena’s hand, taking in the summer air. As we walked through the park I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful Selena was. The way the wind blew her hair made her look like someone from a romantic movie. 5 years I’ve been dating Selena, 5 years. 5 years is a long time to fake date right? Well not when you’re in love with the person you’ve been dating for publicity. I fell in love with Selena just a year after we started fake dating, I never told her and she still doesn’t know. I’m hoping by the end of the day, she’ll know exactly how I feel. I set the rose in the vase in the middle of the table, smiling to myself at the work I had done. I took my phone from my pocket, dialling Selena’s number. “Hello?” She instantly answered. “Hey Shawty, be at my place in the next half hour?” I asked. “Okay, I’ll see you soon” She made a kissy noise, before hanging up. I went to the kitchen to check on the food, spaghetti, my favourite. The doorbell rang, so I went to answer the door. “Oh Justin, good you’re in” My mom, Pattie smiled. “I’ve done some shopping for you. Oh, are you expecting someone?” She asked, noticing the table set for two. “Selena’s on her way” I grinned, thinking of her beautiful face. “Well here’s your shopping, I got your favourite kind of pasta” “Thanks mom. I’ll give you a call tonight” I kissed her cheek, before opening the front door. “I love you mom” I called out, waving. Once she was no longer in view, I shut the door and ran upstairs to get changed. I came back downstairs just in time to answer the door. “Hello gorgeous” I smiled, pulling Selena into a hug. “Hey Justin” She returned the hug, before walking into the kitchen. “Hmm, smells delicious” She licked her lips. “It will be, because I’ve made it” I winked, popping my collar. “You can be such a dork at times you know” She giggled. “I’ll always be a dork” I grinned, showing my teeth. “Now, are you going to tell me why I’m here?” Selena raised an eyebrow at me. “Well I made dinner, and there’s something I want to talk about” I said, taking her hand lightly in mine. I pulled her gently into the dining room, pulling the chair out for her. “Justin this place looks beautiful” Selena breathed. “You know, I do listen to you” I laughed. I watched her staring around the room. Selena had told me how she always wanted to have a first date, like those romantic films, with the music quietly in the background, the lights low, a simple table with a single rose in the middle. “I’ll be right back” I smiled, heading back into the kitchen. I placed the food on the table, in front of Selena. She gave me a simple smile, waiting for me to sit down. I returned back into the room, with my own food, sitting myself down. We said a little prayer, before tucking into our food. “So, what did you want to talk about?” Selena asked, her eyes lit up with light. I smiled to myself, seeing her beauty. “Have you ever wondered why we’re still ‘fake’ dating after 5 years?” I asked, quoting the fake. “Not really” She answered, looking at her food. “Not ever? I’ve always wondered, because you see we were only going to fake date for a couple of years, bring up your popularity. Yet, 5 years on and we’re stilling dating” I said. “Fake dating” Selena corrected me. “Well I have a theory, and it’s only a theory, because I have no idea how you feel, I only know how I feel” I said, putting a mouthful of spaghetti into my mouth. “But I have a theory that neither of us wanted to end our relationship, so neither of us ended it” I carried on after swallowing. “I’ve never told you how I really feel Selena, and I feel now is the right time” I told her. I got up from chair kneeling on the floor, I took hold of Selena’s hand. “Justin… What… What are you doing?” Selena’s face, showed worry yet excitement. “I love you Selena. Which is why, I Justin Drew Bieber am asking you, Selena Marie Gomez if you will marry me” I pulled out a diamond ring, holding it up to Selena. “I… Justin… I… I don’t know” She ran a hand through her hair. “Say yes, and I’ll promise you’ll never regret it” I told her. “Justin, I’ve been waiting for this moment for such a long time, but I just, well if I say yes, can we wait a while before we marry?” Selena asked, staring me straight in the eyes. I nodded my head. “Whenever you want, you set the date” I smiled, squeezing her hands. “Then yes, I’ll marry you” She jumped from the chair, into my open arms. I took her left hand, placing the ring on her wedding finger.  I took out my phone, logging onto Twitter. “Justin what are you doing?” She questioned. “Updating my relationship status” I winked at her. “I love you” I whispered, pressing my lips to hers. Selena Marie Gomez, thank you for making me the happiest guy to live.

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