Justin Bieber One-Shots

1. You're My Everything
2. Derek Bieber
3. Now and Forever


1. You're My Everything.


I was once a friend, who became a fan, who became your everything.

So it all started when I was about 4 years old. I was in class, colouring in my pictures as I always did, but that day, December 4th 1998, was the day my life change forever. I was sat at the table all by myself; I was the kind of kid at that age, who liked to do everything alone, well that was until I met him. “Wow! You have amazing crayons! Can I borrow them please?” His little voice asked me. I looked up to see a little face, staring down at me. I nodded my head a little, as I smiled. “I’m Justin” He beamed a smile. “My name is Vanessa” I quietly told him. “I think we’re going to be best friends forever Nessie” Justin grinned, instantly giving me my nickname. He was right, we have been best friends ever since, but things have changed. He means more to me than anyone will ever know. We’ve been through the tears, the laughs and the bust ups, but through it all we’ve survived and stayed strong.

I stared at the diamond ring that sat on my wedding finger, a smile spread across my face. My right hand placed lightly on my 7 month pregnant, stomach. I didn’t notice the tear that fell, until it hit my hand. “He’ll be here soon” My mom told me, smiling down at me. “I’ve missed him, mom” I sniffed, wiping the tears away. “I bet he’s missed you too, both of you” She reassured me. I nodded my head once, then continued to stare at the ring.

Justin took hold of my hand, entwining our fingers together. He wouldn’t allow me to know where we were going; he made me promise not to look. Suddenly we came to a stop, he let go of my hand. “Justin?” I panicked. “I’m still here” I instantly relaxed when I heard his perfect voice. He pressed his lips to mine, taking me by surprise. Our lips moved in sync, before he pulled back. “You can open your eyes now” He whispered. I did as he said, looking around. I was speechless. The forest floor was covered in purple rose petals. A simple picnic blanket was placed in the middle. “It’s beautiful Justin” I whispered, tears filling in my eyes. “Nessie, you know I love you right?” He asked me, his eyes shining with love. “Just as much as you know I love you” I smiled through the tears. “Then you understand that I’d do anything for you, give everything I have up for you?” He questioned. “I wouldn’t let you though” I told him, nodding anyway. “I want to play you a song, one that you’ve probably heard a million times, one that I wrote for you” His gorgeous smile made my heart melt. He picked up his guitar and started playing the very familiar tune to ‘Favourite Girl’. I gave him a smile, as the words filled my head. He finished playing the song, took hold of both my hands and knelt on the floor on one knee. “Justin, what are you doing?” My eyes opened wide. “Nessie, you’re the love of my life. My everything. I’d take a bullet for you, if it ever came to that. I want to be the one to marry you, for you to have my children. To grow old together. No regrets” He breathed in slowly. “I’d like to ask for your hand in marriage, Nessie. All that matters is now and forever” I could see the worry in his eyes, mixed with love and desire. “Yes Justin!” I shouted. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” I shouted incase he didn’t hear, jumping into his open arms. “I love you” I whispered into his ear, letting the tears fall freely. He put me back down on the ground, staring into my eyes. “I guess this is a perfect time to tell you… I’m pregnant” I whispered. Justin crashed his lips on my, filling me with all his love. “You have no idea how happy I am right now!” Justin let go of me and started dancing. “I’m getting a wife and a baby!” He danced some more before embracing me in a hug.

I stared at the door waiting for the moment Justin walked through the doors. I carried on staring as a tall, skinny woman approached me and my mother. “Miss Jones” The woman made me look at her. I stared at her, noticing her frown she wore on her face. “Would you please come with me please?” She asked. I nodded slowly, not sure what was going on. “Mr. Bieber was on flight 250, am I correct?” She asked me. I nodded my head, yet again, looking behind me to check my mother was following me. We followed the woman into a room packed with people with confused looks on their faces. I hovered by the door, not wanting to go in too much. “Can everyone be quiet please? I need to make an important announcement” A man shouted above the noise of people talking. Everyone stopped their conversations to listen to the man. “My name is Rodger Marks; I’m manager of the airport. I’m afraid that flight 250 has crashed. There seems to only be a few survivors.” My heart seemed to sink. My Justin couldn’t be dead, could he? Tears automatically fell. “A number of people will be called out at a time, to be spoken too” He carried on. “Mr and Mrs Smith, Miss Jones and Mr Bray, please make your way through here” Another man motioned for us to walk into the small room. I yet again hovered by the door, afraid of going in. I could feel the nerves in my stomach. “Miss Jones, please come in” The man told me. I hesitantly walked into the room, sitting in the only empty seat. “My name is Robert. I’m glad to tell you that your family members have survived, but unfortunately are in a coma at the moment, which means at anytime could pass away” Robert sighed, a frown formed on his lips. “They’re at the hospital at the moment, if you would please follow me, we have a taxi arranged to take you to the hospital” He told us. Tears slowly fell down my cheeks. Justin could pull through?

“Justin, Justin Bieber” I told the lady at the reception. “Follow me madam” She told me. I followed her, to a small room. I hovered by the door, letting the tears slip away. I slowly made my way over to bed in which, Justin was lying in, emotionless. “Oh, Justin. I need you to stay with me” I whispered, sitting into the plastic chair that was next to the bed. “I need to you, Justin. You can’t leave me, not yet. Not when you’ve not met our little one” I took hold of his hand, pressing it to my lips. “You can’t leave me here alone” My heart racing fast. Suddenly the beep on the machine became more rapid. A rush of doctors entered the room, pushing me to one side. “You can’t take him away from me” I whispered to the ceiling. I stood in the corner of the room, watching the doctors do things to Justin. I didn’t know what they were doing, but whatever it was, it wasn’t working. There was a long beep, and silence fell upon the doctors. “Time of death 18:29” A doctor spoke allowed. My heart shattered to a million pieces. The tears that fell were now angry tears. Angry tears because the doctors couldn’t save his life. “Miss Jones, you need to come with me now” A doctor had hold of my arm. I was frozen in place.

Justin’s dead, gone forever.

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