Jumping For Jesus`s Birththday


1. Jumping For Jesus`s Birththday

I wake up at six
Dinner preparations finished the night before
I sluggishly rise
Slippers on I exit the bedroom door
I plod down stairs
Wiping the crust of last nights dreams from my eyes
My cat curls itself between my ankles
Feed me NOW! she seems to cry

I feed myself and the cat in a hurry
Lots to do today
I wash and shave and get dressed
When the visitors arrive it`ll be time to play
I clean and cook
like there is no tomorrow
Nearly forgot
There should be pudding to follow

Everything done
Time to enjoy
Its Christmas afterall
No need to be coy
So pull a cracker
Let yourself go and have some fun
Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward men and women
Merry Christmas Everyone x

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