Last To Know

Married-for 6-years 'girls' life falls-apart when attacked by husband with a secret past-&-present.


24. Tour

Kool [an obvious twist on their first-names & youth] released their first-single, Cold Coffee, as an Internet-download with the help of their label...  Composer Helen, a long-term friend of Trevor & ‘Lion‘, was very-proud of her work & very-pleased to help Karen & Kylie start their music-career.  Helens early portfolio was known to Stephen & really impressed the ‘girls‘.  It would be a difficult-balance, though the ‘girls‘ resolved to build both their business & music-careers.

A few musicians, notably Kylie & Madonna, were known by fans & others for decades; alas too-many [Stephen remembered Mary Hopkin, 20 when she came second in the Eurovision Song Contest 1970] fizzled-out, disappearing without-trace; neither was ready to ‘give-up‘ or face a life in dead-end jobs, barefoot-&-pregnant with a waste-of-space husband.


Trevor & ‘Lion‘ called-in a few favours with their music-business friends; it was provisionally-arranged, starting in Manchester, moving to Stockport, Nottingham, Leeds & Birmingham Kool were booked for a week of one-night-stands.

Kylie & Karen seized the opportunity & agreed subject to accommodation at the Premiere Inn; they would be too tired to go in-search of restaurants & they enjoyed meals provided by the associated Beefeater-chain.  Stephen picked-up the £500 accommodation-tab in-advance plus the pub booking-fees.  The ‘girls‘ created their own posters-&-fliers for display within Stephens coffee-shop chain, Post Offices & the venues themselves.

Pulling into Salford Quays they booked-into their-room & prepared for their Manchester-gig.  They had no-idea how much they would earn on their first-night; after the landlord commission they were hoping to cover their weeks costs.


Stepping onto the stage in really-short skirts the venue fell into a stunned-silence as they played ‘Cold Coffee‘.  Taking a bow the audience clapped-&-whistled in appreciation.  The landlord nodded, as arranged, giving the bar-staff 10-minutes to serve before the next number.  On queue, they played & sang ‘In The Breeze‘ followed by others from their promotional-CD they hoped to sell at the end of the evening.

Trevor had gauged the audience well; the evening saw over £2,000 in CD-sales & bar-commission, plus a request for further-bookings.  Looking at the cash-wad, then each other, Karen & Kylie were confident their music-career would over-shadow business.  Thanking the landlord as they each drank an ice-cold Pepsi they promised to be in-touch later that week.  They would need to book accommodation, buy lingerie, seek-out laundromats, give the other venues a chance & of-course liaise with Trevor.  Chatting-quietly the ‘girls‘ elected to text their respective-parents before taking a taxi back to the hotel.

Stockport, a few-miles away, was even better; word had spread & the evening saw £7,500 on the bar-counter.  Nottingham, Leeds & Birmingham too were eye-openers; Karen drove-back to her dads-place.  Shocked, pleased & concerned when the ‘girls‘ sat at Stephens kitchen-table they casually spread their £30,000 earnings.  Sharon kissed Stephen on forehead ‘Told you, we have a pop-star for a daughter‘.

Katie wanted to tour though we insisted she missed-out last-time, Kelly too is an asset, we need to move to a larger-property with music-studio potential‘ said John.

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