Walking Alone


1. Defeat...

I held my breath, closed my eyes tightly, and dared to believe that everything would be okay when I opened them again. It was a split second thing, noone meant for someone to die, and noone bargained on getting caught. I knew that I was safe, they took me to the station to keep me safe, but the others had everything to come. I just turned up in the wrong place at the wrong time, but them, they were there from the start, taunting the killer, pushing their luck until they found the consequences were a bit too close to home. He was one of us, the home tribe, I didn't know much about him, only that he didn't deserve to die, noone deserves to die, not like he did.

I was caught up in a fight that I didn't start, and I had no means of ending it. They shoved me to the ground... and I screamed, louder than ever... they covered my mouth, and smothered me with a thick fog from their heavy breathing. Noone would help me, noone could help me, they were all involved in their own fights, picking punches, and gaining more gashes and broken bones than they could count. Too many of us lay half beaten to death, and the majority of us were so disorientated, that we couldn't count to three, let alone hold a weapon and defend ourselves.

I was one of the lucky ones...

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