Waking up

One day, he wakes up and realizes he's been wasting most of his life away being bored. Then weird things start to happen, and his reality is turned upside down forever.


1. Bored - prologue.

He sat in front of the TV, as he did on most of his mondays. And tuesdays. And wednesdays. Actually most days of his week. He was bored, because they were playing marathon of Friends, but he had already seen every episode over 20 times. He could almost remember the whole script of this one episode in his head.

He rarely went outside - only twice a month, and it would be late, so he never really met anyone. He'd do it only to shop for groceries. Fast food mostly. He saw how people on TV became friends or lovers. Had children, had grandchildren. How they smiled, laughed and weren't bored like he was.
He didn't remember when it had started; when he had started to close himself in. But at some point he had a feeling that he couldn't change anything, couldn't do anything. Wouldn't become anyone. So he had given up. Loneliness had taken over him, and though he didn't think about it much, it hurt so bad when he did. He was bored of being bored, and his life would never be as wonderful as the people on TV.

He flicked through the different channels, but nothing caught his interest. Unusual, he thought to himself. On his window, he could hear the rain banging against it. It was like somebody was knocking on his door, knocking for his attention, though he knew it wasn't. He sighed. It was dark, and his whole body was begging for sleep. He gave in and got into bed, but he had a hard time falling asleep.
Life was boring. There was no meaning, no question, no conclusion. Just nothing, a big blob of nothing. He had looked for a reason, but still hadn't found it. What was this life even for?
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